I bought an NEC 3500A...love it. Also flashed my Toshiba M1712 awesome!

Hi guys, thanks to all who helped with my decision to buy a NEC dual layer drive. I have bought it and have burnt 2 discs already and they worked perfectly!

No problems yet and I am very happy so far. Thanks for all your posts.

I also flashed my Toshiba drive and it is now reading encrypted movies at 15x instead of 3.6x. Awesome. I would like to donate to NEO and HIJAKER…does anyone know how to get in touch with them? I do not have a credit card or Paypal so I want to send them a cheque.



Glad to hear that you are one happy camper with your setup-

Just be sure to burn quality medias - and life will be good-

Happy Burnin’


well you should be OK since you only burned 2 discs, I mean it SHOULD work right, that what it for.
And who is neo and hijaker (JACKER?).

I also just got a 3500, seems to be a quiet drive, but gives a heavy “clunk” and seems noisy when open/closing the tray, is this normal?

Listen to the tray open, then close.

Ben :slight_smile:

I listened to your sound…the beginning sounds a bit loud, the rest sounds normal.

I am using Verbatim DVD 8x -R and getting 12x write speeds.

Do you think the dirve is ok then?, it works fine otherwise.

Ben :slight_smile:

Relax Ben! The drive IS okay… :smiley:

BTW, My 812@832 is noisier when tray is closing then NEC 3500 or BenQ1620P.

pinto2: really… my 411 isn’t :slight_smile: but my Philips is noisier than Nec :slight_smile:

Thanks, my BenQ is silent in just about everything, my Lite-On 812S is noisy, but sounds more “even” in the noise, as with my other Lite-On, the NEC sounds more clunky like old drives.

Ben :slight_smile:

off topic

Drive load stop (closing) is factory adjusted and individual for every drive.

Lite-On trays don´t have any dust seal on tray and “should” produce more noise per default. Just my 2 oere (2 cent).

As said before, even when I listen at my (NEC and BenQ) close to tray, I can´t hear any differance when they close… :wink:

Interesting though, my AOpen 1608 (RICOH) produces less noise then all my other drives when closing… :confused:


@bcn246 my first 3500 maked the same noise.th etray hangs on a inner hardware part!i changed the drive to a new one, now there is no noise!

So I need a new drive :eek:?