I bought a broken nec perhaps?

Two weeks ago, i have bought a nec 3500AG and it came with the latest 2.18 firmware. I burned some benq 8x +R (Daxon AZ2) at 4x. Every time i put back in it takes 44 seconds to load and i hear some tic tic tic, after its loaded it doesn’t have any problems reading it. It only takes 3 sec on my litey dvd-rom drive to load it. I have to say that the nec loads pressed discs quickly. Is it normal? I found it very annoying because 44 seconds is to late for the bios post to boot with it. Should i get some yuden +R discs and test it before returning it?

No never mind those yuden discs that everyone says are the best. If it makes funny sounds now then retun it. If it was fine on those yuden discs but loud and slow on everything else, wouldnt you consider it broken?

Thank you for your answer.
I tested it one last time before sending it and it was getting worse, 1m06s.
I got my drive checked at the store (they had to check it first). One week later they called me and gave me an 3520. The technician said it had no loading problems with it, odd. Anyway, my new 3520 works great, i can boot with my dvd+r’s now. :bigsmile:

The “tic tic tic” sound is typical of the lens hitting the
disc while trying to focus the laser, which could mean
that your OPU was damaged. At least it’s nice to see
someone recovering so fast after having broken his NEC :slight_smile: