I bought a 1633S.......... is that a huge mistake?



From all of the reviews… and discussions and debates I have been reading. I came to the conclusion the other day that I think a Lite-on 1633S is the best for my needs, and what I want to do with DVD media over the next couple of years. :iagree: Even versus the competitors it seems to me like this may be the best all-around drive available right now.

My main priority is the ability of my DVD drive to work as a copy station basically. I am copying tons and tons of retail DVD movies (backups of course…) week in and week out, and now I want to ditch my Plextor CD drive so I can fit in another hard drive. So, it will be my only disc drive- because frankly I do not even remember the last time I did a straight disc-to-disc copy. I want the drive that can de/encode and copy in DVD Shrink, and burn to dvd+r at 8x (with bitsetting) in the very least time, and it looks to me like the Lite-on is best at doing that (with some quality media). Ripping speed/Copy-protection ability with this 1 drive I will have are both very important to me. in addition to this all, I have an old lite-on 40x that has always worked well and I have come to trust for reading/writing any kind of CD… so I chose the 1633s. But I am wondering if I waited to long to get it… is it not the best? Am I wrong? Should I ditch this thing when it comes in and get an NEC or Benq?

if this thread is redudant, or I am too newbie-ish and should have used the search function more then feel free to remove my 1st post :smiley:


Well if the Lite-On is the best for your needs then keep it. I been very happy with my Lite-On it dose everything I need to do and wouldn’t think of ditching it. :slight_smile:


I’ve been very happy with both of my 1633S drives. I’ve only bought LiteOn drives for the last 3 or 4 years now.


hey fanch: you can only pick the best burner for you by first deciding on what you want out of burner. what kinda media you are going to burn on, +r, -r, bitsetting. now if i was buying a burner just for backing up movies, then the liteon would not be my first choice. mind you, i have a 1633s and 2 benq 1620’s. i also returned a nec 3500. plenty of info in these forums. do a little leg work up front and you’ll be alot happier later on.


Hey fanch…

Just another view to mess with your mind. If you notice my signature, I have the Litey 1633. I got this first. Then I got an NEC 3500. Then I decided on a 3rd drive. And it wasn’t another Litey. I think the NEC blwos the Litey away. But what works for me may not work for you. Although I’m burning a lot of movies also. I’ve not had one coaster with the NEC as long as I used quality media.



Same here with both my 1633S drives. I use verbatim 16X DVD+R media burned at 16X.


Each to there own, but I’d rather pay a lot less money (when on special) for FUJI branded TY’s +R 8X media that I can burn at 16X with my NEC 3500.:slight_smile:
And keep the Litey for testing.


How much? The last 16X discs I got were $15 for spindles of 25 at BestBuy. I picked up 150. Usually they are around $21 at Buy.com.
They had spindles of 8X Memorex for $20 for 50 but I haven’t tried Memorex at 16X. But they are excellent for my 8X drives in my other PCs.


The Memorex +R8X are PRODISCR03 and I don’t care for them much. The only deal I’ve seen at my BB for Vebatim 16X was $19.99 and that was once. There now $27.99. I loaded up on the FUJI’s a couple of weeks ago at BB for $3.99 for 25 tub of 8X+R’s.:bigsmile: These are TY’s:bigsmile: :bigsmile: I got lucky and was the first one in to get them that day. I got 20 of them.



I am most interested in burning 8x dvd+r discs with bitsetting. I will worry about doing it faster when the media gets more reliable. I mean that’s like… 8 minutes per burn or something, I can handle that.


if you are burning +r bitsetting, i would get the benq1620. best +r burner out there. i find the liteon quality varies greatly. liteon’s like +r’s better than -r. some people have great success with thier liteon’s, others (me included) have only moderate success with this burner. i use my liteon for scanning/ripping and my benq’s to burn my movies.


I’m with cmisenko in regards to Liteons. But you can do bitsetting with the NEC also along with the speed. As far as the BenQ, I can’t comment on that as I’ve never owned one. But they certainly have a lot of good being said about them.



I didn’t get the BenQ… because the forum FAQ does it doesn’t have a riplock hack. I am extremely interested in high-speed high-quality dvd ripping. I didn’t get an NEC, because they said that it is the slowest at 8x burning. which is the speed I am most interested in. I didn’t get a pioneer, because that’s the brand of the unit that I’m replacing (a06) that frankly I’m just not quite happy with. I think I will lite-on a try again.


. I didn’t get an NEC, because they said that it is the slowest at 8x burning. which is the speed I am most interested in.

Hey Fanch…
Who are THEY ??? And if you believe what THEY said, well all I can say is it’s your loss. I can say from experience having both the NEC and Liteon that this statement is NOT TRUE!!!



taken from "Which 16x DVD writer should I buy? " NEC: * Misc: Very poor customer support/focus, though there is a strong die-hard community that makes up for it; media overspeeding is available through the use of hacked firmwares; the use of ZCLV for 8x makes it the slowest burner when burning at 8x (though its 12x and 16x speeds are up to par)

LITE-ON: * Misc: One of the few DVD burners that excels at overcoming CD copy protections; strong community; hacked firmwares that allow for limited amounts of overspeeding; the use of PCAV for 8x allows it to burn 8x discs very fast, conservative 12x is a bit on the slow side, decent 16x speeds.

I don’t know who to believe… but I already have the Lite-on in the mail, so… I will probably try that one out, and keep it and only it so long as it fulfills my needs well. I think that I am most interested in burning 8x discs. I want to use dvd+r with bitsetting, to allow for maximum compatibility. I am also very interested in taking a 4x disc, and burning it at 8x, and like maybe taking an 8x disc, and burning it at 12x… or maybe even 16x. I am all about quality though. I want these backups to last for years- what ever is the most stable.

Yeah, I probably only need 1 dvd burner :slight_smile: I am not yet as hardcore as you guys yet. Though I wish I could own 8 different burners at once, like I heard someone say… haha. thanks for your help everyone.



Not starting a war but I have the 1633 (matter of fact I’ve had 4 of them just to get one that worked), the 3500, and the 1620… I rate them as:

  1. 1620
  2. 3500
  3. 1633 (not a typo!)
    Since I’m in the Liteon forum please forgive me when say that the Liteon is basically trash and it’s only redeeming valus is the ability to do KProbe scans… :wink:



I’m glad my results have been the complete opposite. Over 130 discs burned now at 16X and no problems yet with both my 1633S drives.


I won’t say trash, but I do just use mine for testing. At least 95% of the time.



I concede, trash maybe beyond the pale………. It is a decent reader and test drive! :wink: :wink: That’s the only reason I purchased it, them, whatever…




As you can probably tell from all the conflicting reports, Lite-On hardware is quite a bit more variable than other drive makers’. I have an 851S that burns flawlessly at 4x, but not at 8x. Others can burn perfectly at 8x, and yet a third group cannot get good results no matter how much they tweak their drive. The experiences of the other members here show that QC has not improved much if at all in this new (16x) generation of Lite-On drives. If your first half dozen or so burns do not pan out well, than I would RMA the drive with a clean conscience.

That being said, if you can get a good piece of hardware, I would stick with a Lite-On for K-Probe Testing and more importantly, the support of the dedicated modding/tweaking community that exists for Lite-Ons. I’m still awestruck that my original 851 can now (with one exception) match the performance of the more capable 832.