I bet u 100 bucks you do this



Theres many things I tend to do that are pretty funny but I bet everyone else does them. Just normal simple things, like for instance when your sleeping on the pillow and it gets hot u turn it over so it can be cool, and that dandling of your leg out of the bed, yeah and also with me if I scratch my left cheek my right cheek all of a sudden gets itchi and i have to balance it out, does that happen with you…LOL…and as a kid have you ever been writing something for skool and wanted to use a word but u didnt know how to spell it so u used another word that doesnt sound as good…lol…


That’s what I like to call Human :smiley:


Still doing that…also with translations of words (some of you may find it hard to believe… :wink: )


I used to do that alot :slight_smile:


I don’t do any of that! Where is my 100 dollars!!! :p:p


Make that $100 for me also! Wait a min. he said bucks. That alot of meat! :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t really do the pillow thing, but something similar. Sometimes, well when I was younger anyway, I’d lay my hands under the pillow, then when it got warm, I’d move them around.


Got me on this one. For some reason I only stick one out when I get hot. I guess it helps cool me down.


Ever see those inserts you put in your pillow case to prevent warming? I always said you could get rich is you could figure out a way to do this.


i think there called ice cubes ha ha