~~ I Believe ~~

This might have already been done…If so just ignore it.

So join in!


In giving people second chances
Flaws make people beautiful
Honesty is not -always- the best policy
In mistakes
In triumph
In forgiveness

…On the lighter side…

It’d be awesome to hear Katie Couric say, “Peace out, dawg.”
Cheese makes everything better
The pen really is mightier than the sword
Pervs are the happiest people
Pepsi pwns Coke
Red Skelton was the funniest man to EVER live!

I believe that this is a great forum :bigsmile:

I believe the best bottle of wine ever is Brunello di Montalcino
that friends are to be cherished
that kittens and puppies are cute
that everyone has a voice

I believe in me!

i believe you’re dam right :clap:

I believe bagel and other such worms will continue to propegate my network as long as we continue letting people use a workstation…gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I believe in fate
I believe in Santa
I believe we were born to shop

I believe…I’m very fond of dee’s avy…:slight_smile:

I believe

Ignorance is intelligence in waitin gand stupidity should be painful

oh yeah and I believe in Peter Pan

I belive in white letters in a forum…

I believe that Sexy_Southerner is right. :slight_smile:


I believe I’ll have…

another Tamnavulin :bigsmile: (before it all disappears :sad: )

I believe ninja posts are silly…:slight_smile:

I believe I have not exchanged messages with Sexy in a long time and everyone at GM misses you and says HI!


I believe that Onebigload…could get me another invite to GM …I’d like to see what the linux kiddies are doing these days (lol) btw…I miss them too :wink:

I belive in Bingolotto

I believe that summer is the best season ever (I hate winter)

I belive we are 2 of that feeling…

I believe that I am hungry…and that I should order something to be delivered.

…and I can confirm that.

I believe that redhead girls Rock.