I believe the drive is talking

I’m quite sorry if this is being posted in the wrong area but here goes. My dad’s cd-rw drive started to act funny recently( its a liteon ltr-12101b ), not being recognised in the bios, or taking 15-20 minutes to spin-up and read a disc. The major problem came just last night when my dad turned on the computer and the drive’s light began to flash red and amber for 30 seconds or so, then flash green twice, and then fo normal, the drive didnt open during the flashing, and wasnt recognised in my computer. All the flashing happened when the bios was detecting the drive, and when i went back and checked it couldn’t detect eaither of the cd drives. When I unhooked the burner the other drive was seen. Any ideas on the problem

Do you have one set as master and the other as slave?


The liteon is set as master and the asus reader is set as slave. Both have been set as such for more than 3 years and have had no problems.