I believe in miracles - Finally my 811S is a VERY decent drive. HS0Q tests inside!

As some of you know I have had bad experiences with my 811S when I first installed it - weeks later after frustrration, cussing and hoping for a miracle, my wishes finally came true…

I cannot believe all the bad comments concerning HS0Q - it’s funny how different people get different results… I see people with PI counts in the 3 digits!

With HSOP and earlier my PI was all over the place, in the 3 digit figures, usually over 300, even 500…and PO counst above 32.

I said **** it :slight_smile: I will update HS0Q and see what happens.

WOW! Was I ever SHOCKED…

I can now burn DVDs, they will play fine on ALL my DVD players from start to finish, FULL 4.7GB video no skipping, nothing… Tested on a very picky player!

I find that my KPROBE results may vary. I try to avoid burning consecutive DVDs at once - I leave about half an hour (30 minutes) gap between each burn to give my 811S the chance to rest :slight_smile: and I get better results.

I use both Memorex DVD+R and Maxell DVD+R, both are RICOHJPN01.

I have not had a chance to save some scans, so here are my first 2 scans:

DVD+R Maxell (RICOHJPN01) burnt at 4x using NERO 6.3.xx Windows XP Pro
This disc has no label

As you can see decent results… With HSOP the figure would have been quadrupled !

Note that I have done many DVDs with HSOQ, too bad I didn’t save my prior scans, some were even lower than this, in the 40’s…I’ve done many consecutive burns, so this one is a bit higher, but still well within acceptable range.

Now I applied a label - Yes I know a lot of people urge me not to use label because of this and that - I have decided to put my burnt DVD to a torture test…

I use the CDStomper and professional labels - they are water based, and are said not to peel off, warp, smudge, etc… they are perfectly applied and centered…

Here is my scan after label is applied… Note the higher PI/PO once again there seems to be a coincidance here because I have compared prior scans with and without labels and the difference was very small… Anyhow here is a worse case scenario as you can see disc is still within acceptable range, the average value for both PI/PO is excellent… The maximum value for both is excellent… 1 or 2 spikes to 4 is no big deal. The same DVD is bitset to DVD-ROM and plays fine 100% on a Panasonic RV32 (picky player), Sony DVD Player, APEX AD-1200 and someone’s shitty DENON.

As I said I have done many burns with HS0Q so far, perhaps 2 dozen, and all of them come out great, with only double digit figures for PI and never exceeding 4 for PO.

I have used MEMOREX as well and obtain even lower PI/PO.

So I don’t know what LITEON did with HS0Q, but they did something right.



HS0Q on my 401@811 has been the best fw yet, even after i put it in the firewire encloser and due to how my irq are setup and the fact that even moving cards do not change it it shares with my ata 133 card and i get little dip in speed on transfer rate test in nero speed if use the HDD a lot while scanning it still burns media wonderful.

what are the reasons not to put on cd labels on cds/dvds?

Hmm, indeed these drives vary with firmwares. I firmly believe that all my recent trouble with having some discs skipping is not due to media variation (as the kprobes are awesome), but since I updated to HS0Q to test, and even when I returned to HS0K. Drive just hasn’t been the same. I guess I’ll try loading back my virgin @811 eeprom and see how it goes.
I think some ppl advise against labels because they sometimes decrease playability on drives, and sometimes make a disc get a little snug in slot loading drives/players.

Rimmer66, I´m happy on your behalf, you finally got it right. :iagree:
One question though, have you tried to burn those RICOHJPNR01 at 8X speed? If so, do the PI/PO´s get better or worse?

Also mine drive produces better discs if I give the drive some “rest time” between the burns. The same goes for burned DVD´s. Don´t make a KProbe scan directly after the burn. Let the dye settle down, for an hour or two… :cool:

BTW, I´m still on HS0K (c0deguys patched…) :smiley:

Glad to see you’ve had some success! :smiley:
I’m still on good ol’ HS0E burning G04’s, but I think I’m going to try HS0Q for the hell of it next burn. :iagree:

Read me.

Great i’m happy to see some people actually like the HS0Q.

Ok as far as testing with burnt at 8x, I reckon I did test a RICOHJPN01 burnt at 8x on HSOP and the PI/PO started just fine but got significantly worse during speed switching.

I will do another one and scan and report back :slight_smile:

the reason not to put labels on DVDs is that standalones
often can’t read em, due to tracking problems induced by
the label unbalancing the disk (vibration like an unbalanced car tyre)
It doesn’t matter how carefully you position the label (paper label) because
the label will vary in thickness across it’s width. If you compare
the speed of the dvd to the speed of a car tyre you will see
it is affected at DOUBLE that of a car travelling at 60mph.
it does not affect cds to the same level.(if at all)
Pcs are far better coping with this vibration than standalones.

1X DVD spins at 1,500 rpm (slower at the edges). But often the dvd standalone will spin at 2x. A typical car tire at 60 mph spins at approx 1,700 rpm.

60 mph = 1 mile per minute
1 mile per minute = 5280 feet per minute
car tire circumference = ~ 4.5 feet
5280 feet per minute / ~4.5 feet per revolution = ~1,733 rpm

And the ratio of a balance weight to a tire’s wieght is probably much smaller than the ratio of a label’s off-center wieght to a DVD’s weight (especially considering a balance weight is relatively close to the tire’s hub).

Yup, it makes sense when you think about it. A DVD has almost 7 times the data jammed onto the same surface area as a CD. So of course it’s going to be more sensitive accordingly. :iagree:

c’t did a test on labels and found that DVD’s are rendered unreadable by many labels. The CATS scans they had done by Audiodev showed that angular deviation more than doubled (typical: 0.8° -> 1.8°), and exceeded the specs. This is due to tension on the label side bowing the discs. I posted a summary of the article at CDRLabs a while ago.


i recently checked some cds that i labeled about 3 yrs ago. these discs were in places completely unreadable. when scanning them the c1 and c2 numbers were outrageous. i have checked the same media burned at the same time (3 yrs) and even 6 or more years old and they are completely readable.

i found the same thing with some audio cds i had made for friends. the labeled discs fail and the unlabel work fine.