I badly BADLY need help - Shuttle SDVD-101 firm. 40

I have a Shuttle SDVD-101 DVD-ROM, firmware 40.

Its an old DVD-ROM, and I know they got a firmware 41, but even with GOOGLE - I cannot FIND that new firmware!!!


Thats all I could find, but there is no DOWNLOAD button!

I am NOT into making that DVD-ROM REGION-FREE, its just that I have some problems with it that I think firmware 41/42 willy solve!

PLEASE help!

OK, I now found the firmware here


What do I do now? I downloaded 42 one and launched the .EXE and it said CHECKING DVDROM and then just quit!

mtkflash - I got versions 1.55 and 1.62 - I don’t know how to use them!

It does that the DVDROM I want to flash has to be on MASTER? That means I gotta totally rewire my whole system, because all 4 IDE ports are taken with hard drives, etc.

In some readme it says to make a bootable Win9x floppy - I HAVE THAT (even though I use WinXP) and then make sure CDROM drivers are NOT loaded - how do I do that?

Could someone PLEASE take their time and guide me through all this?

I answered here: http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?p=79673