I assume we will have to pay again for the final CCD4



I'm not complaining, but I assume that when the final version of CCD4 is released, we will have to re-register and pay a fee... I'm not complaining as Olli has to make a living too...

Also, what happend to CloneClinic, haven't been there for a while, but when I stopped by recently, I saw that it's been shut down :frowning:



If you had read previous posts you would have known that up to now there are no intentions of having you pay for the upgradeā€¦

CCD comes with a year free upgradesā€¦but this year already lasts over three years now.

Have put in a little effort, which you could have doe yoruself, because I am in a good mood today:


Thankyou for your gracious attitude towards someone who only found/subscribed to this forum today.



Hah. Suscribe today or not. I wouldnā€™t mess with the Da_Taxman


Not even I mess with Tax :eek:


Hehehe - all in good humour, no offence intended.



heheā€¦tax, you have yourself a reputation.
all fear the great TM.



I am not that rude, am I? :wink:


Originally posted by Da_Taxman

I am not that rude, am I? :wink: [/B]

What makes you think that?
Is it because of the users we never see again after you replied so diplomatically or the flaming messages that the upper managements receives about you? :wink:

If you hadnā€™t given the answer and just stated people should use the search (like I tend to do), then you would have been blunt to say the leastā€¦ duck and hide


With Olliā€™s %110 commitment to CCD subscribers, even with his very limited resources you too would only be to happy to pay what ever Olli ask for how ever long.

I have yet to see that level of excellence in total support in any other burning software like I have seen in CCD and Olli .

After everything he goes through from begining to the end in developing, testing and releasing and then relentlessly supporting the software as he does, the least I can do is try to support him with more than just mere kind words.

Just my two cents


I have no objections to paying some sort of upgrade fee, I feel Iā€™ve had excellent value for money since my original registration which was well over a year ago - maybe even two.



I have to say I have been amazed that there has not been update fee in using clonecd 4ā€¦clonecd is the best software I have purchased for the cost periodā€¦I think I paid $50 over 2yrs agoā€¦not sure exactly the date of purchaseā€¦

Olliā€™s support is amazing given his limited resourcesā€¦he really listens to the users and works to solve the problems as they developā€¦could you only image the quality of software from the big boys if they followed his leadā€¦or the hardware manufacturersā€¦