I apologize in advance, this is about benq dw1620



okay, so i’ve had this thing since august 2005, which is really not that long ago. I have burnt many things with it. and then today, it just decided to not work. it won’t read, it won’t write, basically all it does is flash the green light. whenever i stick a disk in (cd or dvd) it doesn’t detect it and says there is no disc inside. so i called tech support and they were like, update the firmware. so i did, with cdvdinfo, i have:

Firmware Revision: B7W9

now, the big question, is this a hardware problem, or a software problem?


Sounds like a hardware problem. You should get an RMA, but try it in another PC just to check


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To rule out a software problem, disconnect the ide cable. Then insert some disks. The led stays green if the drive likes a disk.


now, when you say green, is it green for about a minute, or green for 5 seconds?


It stays green until you eject the disc, and if it is silent enough, you can hear the disc rotating.


oh crap, looks like i will be on the phone for a while