I am wondering what a crack is

I am wondering what a crack is.I know what it’s used for but maybe you can explain in more detailed phrases it’s use and advantages.Please do not take this as a joke.I’m serious.I would like to know.

You can find some answers here :bigsmile:

Yes I know what it means but I was wondering how does it do that?Why do you have to add a crack after a game is installed?Why do they do that?If they wan’t to have an illegal copy(or spread)why don’t they simply make a full copy of the original and put it on a P2P server??That’s what I don’t understand not the meaning.Sorry if I missplaced my question or if it is inappropriate but I would like to learn.If some of you can’t answer here I would appreciate a PM.Thnx.

:o sorry… I misunderstood your question

The crack is in fact one or more files modified so they are not protected anymore.The reason for use?the release groups make this for respect because they want to show how experianced they are.Everyone can make a clone of the game using the correct tools but a few people can make a working crack.Some of the newest protections ( starforce and tages ) are very hard to cheat using virtual drives and 1:1 copies are almost impossible so using a crack is far more easy.It can also give you a performance boost because the protection is no more checking in background.

I get it thnx very much.SO in the case of weakly protected games it’s just a macho stuff,right?

The whole crack work is for respect.Harder protection cracked - more respect gained.

The more respect gained … the longer the Gaol time accumulated :wink:
And btw … do not pass go, do not collect $200. Free parking at rear.