I am unable to play/copy my cd on my pc

I have the Pink Floyd Ltd Ed. Wish You Were Here cd, the one with 10 extra tracks on it. So far it plays great in everything except my computer. I have tried multiple disk scaning software trying to figure out what the encription is but to no avail. Anyway, I figure someone has probably solved this problem seeing the popularity of the disk. Or so I would think. If anyone can tell me what to do I would appreciate it.

Oh, just in case no one has this answer off the top of their head. What I did find out is that the cd is overburnt. None of the software detected any encoding or anything like that. But it does have a ring around the outer edge of the cd which is barely noticable. I hope that helps.

Bobby :slight_smile:

What player do you use the play the CD?

Liteon DVD-ROM LTD 122

My op sys is win 98se
PIII on via chip set
Shuttle MB AV18E

MY CD Burner is a Yamaha CRW F1E

Any thing else you need to know just ask.

I think there is something wrong with my DVD player.
I tried to play other cds on it and they had the same problem.
I don’t know if it’s my cd player or the software or the sound card.
However I played a cd in my cdrw drive and it played ok but not like it should.
I am also thinking it could be my speakers. They are Altec Lansing (cheap ones) but I have never had any problems before.

Now there is one thing that could be a factor. Not too long ago I was on my computer when the power went out from a lightning storm.

I tried playing a dvd and at the first attempt it gave me an error saying it couldn’t play it, but after second attempt it played fine.

Oh, my sound card is a simple Creative Ensonique AudioPCI.

I was wondering if you would suggest that I copy my cd to my hard drive as usual and then make a cd. I suppose having a coaster wouldn’t really hurt.

The other option is that I am going to try and rip it on my friends pc. I won’t be able to do that until towmorrow but I would still like some help with my problem if you can.

I really do appreciate any help anyone can give me.

Thanks alot.

Bobby :slight_smile:

Take a try and read the disc into an image with [Alcohol 120%]](http://www.alcohol-soft.com) with the Audio CD+ datatype.

Good Luck!