I am trying to burn is called "Star Wars Republic Commando-Play Disc"

Ok here goes,
I have Star Wars Republic Commando and i want to burn a copy of it and i want to use that copy to play the game. First what i did was that i burnt the original cd to a CD-R and i used nero 7 to do that but it didnt work the copy just said that it need the original cd. I have done a detection and it uses “securom new” and i need to find some software that will alow me to burn a copy of that disc as a backup and use the backup just like an original CD. There is many software out there i know but I have tried many or mabye im just doing it wrong if possible could someone PLEASE HELP ME it would be greatly apprciated. The cd that i am trying to burn is called “Star Wars Republic Commando-Play Disc”
Please list all the settings that go with the program, in other words please list the exact settings that are going to burn the game so i can play using the burnt copy.
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What is the protection used, scan it with a copy protection detection program

Nero is no good for backing up copy protected games…you need a program like Alcohol 120 for that. There are some helpful threads around here, also guides and tutorials (they aren’t hard to find…)