I am totally on my ass!



I ordred some packs of blank media at cdfreaks shop.
Ordered was done on sunday night, and I received it today (Tuesday morning). I leave in the PAris area in France!!! :eek: :iagree: :cool:


Bien joué double post :P.

Well done double post. How many do you paid them for shipping to france ?



This must be a French thing-

I’m totally confused-

Thought this is where you posted bargains-

(In this case double post)

Guess I’m wrong again-



oops sorry, I didn’t noticed the double post??? I must have done something wrong!!!

@Mister-T, I paid 11€ shipping for 8 spindles of 25 + a few printer cartridges.

@ bigmike, in France such prices are always bargain prices!!! We are paying 1.59€ (~1.70$) taxes per dvd!!!