I am thinking of purchasing the Toshiba SD-3900

The SD-3900 DVD player will play DVD-R discs but I would like to know if anyone has tried a DVD+R disc in it and if it worked or not? You just dont know till you try sometimes…

Here’s an idea, bring a DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW to a local electronic store that sells the SD-3900 and try them. I know my Sony DVD player does DVD+Rs I backup w/ the NEC ND-1100A (thank you Jesus).

I have the DVD+R and DVD+RW to try though. I own the Sony SLVD300P which plays most everything. But I want a stand alone DVD player from Toshiba for my TV system because Toshiba has features that other companies dont have when it comes to selecting Video scenes A-B and repeat on those etc. My sony only has simple bookmarking which sucks.

The SLVD300P I own is going under my LCD screne used as my second monitor / TV. If you dont know about the nextvision N6 from viewsonic check it out! It is awesome. No, need for tv built into your LCD display anymore. Just get the best LCD and your set with HDTV progressive scan and even PIP/POP. I use my second monitor as a TV and as an extra monitor for work etc. Now I can sell my little tv I used before and dump my 20" second monitor for a 17" or 19" LCD and boy will I enjoy the space it frees up on my desktop.

I just want to make sure that I get a DVD player from toshiba that can play DVD+R since I believe that will be the standard I copy my DVD’s on and it will probably be used more that DVD-R in the future.

Have you looked at the JVC players?

BTW, moved this thread to the hardware forum just because I fealt like it. :bigsmile: