I am still around :) for alot longer I hope

GrEeTz FrOm ThE USA(formely from the UK,here till October 7th on vaccation) damm now I have to adapt to cold UK life once again soon, having been here for almost a month.

The reason for not many posts is that 9hrs after I landed in the
USA the terrorist strikes began, and it really screwed my head up bad, as I am now scared of flying back home. I don’t know what to do, not for love or money am I even thinking of boarding the 2 flights home @ the moment:( My fate lies in the hands of god. My uncle and other friends in the UK told me on the phone what will be will be, so this thought has been with me for days, and has somewhat spoilt my vaccation:mad: I am sure you all understand my predicament? I don’t sleep very well anymore, as the day of judgement draws ever closer. I pray and hope I won’t share the same fate as the poor souls in New York.

Further info added 27th Sept 2001

Feel free to post your own feelings on this subject, I would like to hear from you to boost my confidence in flying again:cool: