I am sooooo bored

Anyone else bored?

Enjoying my chat on IRC…getting spanked any time soon… :bigsmile:

nope all us bored people are in the chat room

hehe, cheeky aint she!?
this sexy southener.
let me guess where your from…

not even close…

*back to the spanking *

dammit, i was working with the southern theme you see.
Your BF has some big muscles dont he.
he should be the hulk or something

I am not all that muscular… :wink:

yes you are…Clark Kent by day…Superman by night :wink:

you look muscular on that pic without your head on it!!

hes just shy …

i can tell
i wouldnt be shy with a body like that.
id be showing it off at all the bodybuilding shows around the world!

come to the chat with us…


i had mirc before i formatted comp
anyone know where i can get that invision thing from? i like it
or anything like that

http://gaim.sourceforge.net/ for an alternate client

Try searching for i-n-v-i-s-i-o-n as that is how I sometimes see it in people’s actions on IRCnet

oops thats not right

thanks alot man, i will do that 2moz
i fear that the bed is calling me.
and the daughter will want to be up at 7!
nite folks!

I keep ignoring that call…but someone keeps spanking me to go there :wink:

nitey Nite…until tomorrow perhaps

Green Eyes can give ya the link…he sent it to me


I knew someone would have the link…