I am Soooo confused about BWA filez. Pleeez Help me understand this

Ok, Thanks for taking the time to look. Now, on to my question. I had made a backup of UT2K3 that would install but not play. Next I made a new image of disk one ONLY (which is the play disk) and then created a BWA file. I then burned the image with the “Use BWA File If One Exsists” option checked. It finished. I took it out of the burner, put it into the CD-rom drive, and BAM!! it worked. I can now play the game using this disk. I did NOT re-install the game.

Now the part I am confused about. Does this disk now look for something special like the BWA file? I mean, can I delete the BWA file that I created or does the play cd now need to look for this file on my HD each time? I just want to know because if the game now needs the BWA file everytime to start then I want to make sure I have a backup of it.


No, you can delete the BWA. The BWA is not required once burned onto the cd, as a BWA is just physical characteristic information that needs to be burned with the image onto a cd.

I was wondering, has anyone else burned a backup of ut2003 that doesn’t need an installation cd and a play cd? My backup installed and plays fine.