I am so new please help me get started

I understand the questions i am about to ask are on this site somewhere. But I am a work and only have time to post this message and check it from time to time. sorry.

all the following questions apply to files on my computer. not copying from a dvd or cd

  1. what do i need to know DVD’s before i start? i understand the only file format all dvd players understand is .vob is this correct?

  2. how do i convert a .mpg , bin/cue , .avi to play on any DVD player.

  3. for a DVD player to see the files they must be in a folder called VIDEO_TS correct?


Best way to learn is to go to www.dvdrhelp.com, and read the guides and tutorials. Then come back here and ask about specifics or problems.

ok i read the site over but still dont understand why the dvd’s i burned wont play. they are in a folder called VIDEO_TS and they are vob files. these files were given to me and they play using my PowerDVD program. please help

Are they burned on a +r, a -R, or other? What brand of standalone player are you trying to play it in? What brand of media is it?

Sony DVD-R
as for the player i would like to have the most compatability as possable.
cuase i would like to give friends the DVD’s and hand out company DVD’s to my employees

Use quality +R media like TY and bit set them to DVD-Rom if your drive can do this.

ya i read about that. what does TY stand for? and i should stay away from +R media?
would sony +R work? i was reading a forumn that it is unknown who makes it.

Taiyo Yuden. Get them at www.supermediastore.com or www.rima.com Best media on the market IMO. I’ve used nothing but +R media and have my drive bit set to DVD-Rom. Never had a problem.

Cheex, what else in the Video_TS folder other than vob files?

First, I think for the BIN/CUE you have to extract the video files from those, either by burning to disk and copying (Rewriteable disks are great for this) or using a tool to extract the files from the BIN. After all that is done, and you have files in their native formats, you should be able to get started.

Basically, I use Ulead DVD Movie Factory 4, an inexpensive but capable enough application. I open the app, add files in the compatible formats (like AVI, MPG, etc.) and then do editing, add menus, etc. and then export the project to a ready-to-burn VIDEO_TS project folder.

I then use Nero 6.6.x to create a DVD Video Compilation. From the File Browser inside Nero, I drag the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder I just made into the VIDEO_TS folder in the compilation window and then I burn the project to a DVD blank (usually DVD+R or DVD-R).

After that, the video should be ready for playback in a standard DVD player.

DVD Movie Factory 4 Standard Edition is I believe $49.99 retail:

$34.99 for an upgrade version. Can really take the headache out for some.

Good luck.

To convert clips, if you want simple try vsodivxtodvd. Just load the file and click convert. It will create the video_ts and all corresponding files for you. It recently became shareware but you can probably still find the free version. http://www.vso-software.fr/divxtodvd/divxtodvd.htm