I am searching a WinAMP 5 PlugIn which

… enables the player to remember the last played track / time position.

normally, WinAMP only reminds the song which was played when closing it.
But I want it to also remember the time / progress of the last played song, so that if i open winamp again, it will continue exactly the second where it stopped.

you know, it’s maybe only a small feature, but i’m used to it due to excessive usage of it when i’m outside and listening to music with my pocketpc.

i always wanted to have such a plugin for my desktop pc as well, but i searched and searched but did not find something like that.

i don’t want someone to do the work (search) for me, but maybe someone who reads this already knows or has got such a plugin :wink:

thx in advance,


/edit: LOL, ‘resume’ was the word i was searching (had a blackout, i think :wink: ) - just found one (called ‘Resumer’ :bigsmile: ) should do it, will test it later … :wink: