I am scared, Ritek printables

I have used Ritek discs over the last few years and have burned about 150 to 200 discs easy. I have never had a Ritek disc fail, even though a lot of people here on the forum have nothing good to say about Ritek. When I first thought about using Ritek I used one of their DVD+RW and recorded/erased the disc about 40 or 50 times before I had any problems, so I always thought Ritek was good.

My question is that it is getting close to re-order time and I now have a Epson R220 printer that I print the labels for my discs. This will be my first real order (over 25 discs) of printable DVDs. Is it known that Ritek printables are more prone to error than non printables? What are your thoughts on media? Should I stick to Ritek since they have been so good for me in the past? What discs have you used for DVD printables?

BTW: I use DVD+R Riteks not DVD-R

I am using the Vebratim MCC03 x16 printables they are considered as good quality discs but the best Dvds in the market are Taiyo Yueden or something like that.
You can search in the media forum for tests of each disc.
I guess you are using bitsetting for burning the DVD+R if not upgrade the firmware you can get information in Burners forum
But if you dont want to do that then I would burn on DVD-R because they are more likely to work on most dvd players, compability issues.

I understand you are using the R220 for printing on them so on how many discs can you print before you need to change the cartigdes?

I am buring the discs on a Pioneer DVR-109 which has the latest firmware from Pioneer V1.58.

I have only had my epson printer for a short time so I have not found out how long the cartridges are going to last. The length of the cartridges also greatly depends on how fancy the labels are. So far I have done about 4 DVD’s with images and all the cartridges have dropped about 5% or so.

i too have seen the posts about ritek discs but have used them for years and not had any problems ritek is in my oppinion the best mid range disc you can buy .I always use go5s -r have tried +r and had compatibility problems with older players and dvd roms

Ritek printables are reasonably priced and will work very well with your Pioneer burner. They also have an excellent printable surface. As an owner of a Pioneer burner (3 actually), Ritek G05 printables, and a R200 I can say with near certainty that you won’t be dissappointed!

Good luck,

Thanks for the replys guys. I think I will stick with Ritek from what I am hearing. It looks like its about $43.00 per hundred DVD+R, 8X, Inkjet printables (including shipping). Not a bad deal

check this link for dvd+r printable:


and this one for dvd-r printable:


and another site : http://www.supermediastore.com

good prices

Yes, RIMA is a great choice.

Rima is where I have been buying my DVD’s for years, they also have great deals on the DVD cases.


Strongly suggest using the Taiyo Yuden’s from www.rima.com

The Ritek have proven to be questionable media (if bought within the last 10-14 months) - with many forum members (including myself) having some serious issues with the Ritek line of media in general-

The G05’s have particularly vulnerable to degrading (do a search ‘G05’ above)


I guess I will order the Taiyo Yuden’s instead of Ritek. It looks like they are only about $.20 more each. :smiley: In the past when I ordered the Ritek’s I saw the Taiyou Yuden’s but was not sure if they were good or not.

100- DVD+R, 8X, Printabible media for $58.00

good choice

I want to buy them too

tell me how they are k

I primary use TY printable but occasionly use Ritek too. No problems so far.

This is an important precision :iagree: . Contrary to what some may say (“Ritek has always been mediocre” :rolleyes: ), the problems are “recent”, and I’m confident that people who bought their discs before the fall of 2004 should definitly not worry about degradation.

Also the bad reports concern -R discs (G04 & G05) and not +R Ritek discs (at least I haven’t encountered any of these reports if they exist :confused: ).

Looks like not all G05 discs are prone to fast degradation, it seems to vary a lot from batch to batch, and from source to source: unbranded, Rimedia, Ridisc, Arita seem to be more affected than Traxdata. Ridata being “in the middle”. No bad report as yet with Maxell-branded G05 (but it’s a little soon to draw conclusions).

About half of the reports I’ve came across concern printables. Considering that the volume of sales must be lesser with printables, it’s tempting to think that Ritek (-R) printables are much more prone to problems than the non-printable ones.

Just my 2 cents.


May be the cheapest $.20 premium you will ever spend IMO-