I am really sorry for the canadian p2p news comment

Dammit mea culpa, I’m really so ashamed of myself. I really did not read Crabbyapleton’s remark very well. I am sorry, I have a brain tumor and my vision is really bad sometimes and my eyes strain really easily. I read that as no offensive and political comments, when I really should have just refrained from mentioning anything even remotely political or negative.

Please understand that I really meant to be benevolent, still there is no excuse in the end. My comment was the last one just before the news was taken off and it has got a really huge timegap between mine and CECannon’s one, so I asume the newsitem was taken down because of it. If it could make it go back online, please just delete it, then again maybe it’s too late. It makes me look even more ridiculous because I submitted the latest developments to the news team and in that comment I lightly wished people would have been less childish, while in the end I also read things wrong. If it goes online I promise to never make such comments again and to be even more careful if I react. I’m speechless, I’m profoundly sad, and I hope you all forgive me. :frowning:

Forget about it Peralph. You do not look ridiculous at all, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. The story simply needed to be pulled. We have been discussing the situation for many hours and decided it was best to just remove the story from the index, instead of waiting.

On a much more important matter, We are very sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and we all hope that soon you can overcome this and be completely well again. This is all that matters, your health.

Please try to enjoy the rest of this weekend and do not worry. You are among friends here.


aka Crabbyappleton