I am ready to buy a Light Scribe drive but

I am just about ready to buy a Light Scribe capable dual layer DVD burner and wanted feedback from you guys!

The only model available in stores around here is the HP 640i, I think Benq also makes one, but this is one case where I actually feel better about HP, their drives seem to be very reliable, and I have read too many horror stories about the Benq drives being dead prematurely. Even if the HP drive is made by Benq, I think an RMA through HP is probably easier than through Benq…dunno

My wife works at Wally World so I can get the HP model for $90, but I have one dilemma, dual layer DVD’s, I can’t seem to find light scribe dual layer DVD’s anywhere. I realize they are going to be more expensive, but I can’t find anyone selling them! And unless I am mistaken, I would need them in order to backup my movie DVD’s on one disc, correct?

My other question is about the light scribe software. Will it let you scan and burn any image, or only those that come with the program? And in general is it easy to use? I do know it takes a “month-of-sundays” to burn detailed images, and I don’t mind, this drive is solely for archiving of my movies for backup purposes, so I have plenty of time.

I read through the 14 or so topics here that turned up in the search for “light scribe” and didn’t see too much, hope someone knows a little more than me to help me decide which to get and where the heck to get those dual layer light scribe discs…oh, and one other thing

I am planning on buying a new DVD player very soon for my ent system, and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions as far as which burning format-R/+R is generally easiest to playback.


Answers to some of your questions can be found here

Also check out: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=131077
And… http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/188

Well you might end up with a BENQ anyway since they make HP drives.
And there is no DualLayer Lightscribe dvds as of yet. The single layer dvds just came out. And that was quite some time after the drives were available.

okay, then can you backup a movie DVD onto one DVD-R or DVD+R, without dual layer?

Yep, a good starting point is DVDShrink (free program). Many of us use it in combination with DVD Decryptor (also free). See what you turn up with some searches.

*EDIT: I should note that you have to use some compression or get rid of menu’s/extras etc or split it to two single layer discs

I’ll second that. Shrink & Decrypter. :bow: :bow: :bow:

hrm, so to back itup in original format, like as in a 1:1 copy, i would need dual layer discs?

Shush! don’t say things like that, or they’ll kick the price of DL even higher with a “copy tax”.

Basically, yes, if it won’t make a single layer DVD after ditching surplus junk (other language soundtracks & subs) and non-movie content, and applying a tolerable level of shrinking, your alternatives are:

  1. Use DL
  2. Split to two pieces
  3. Use a FULL RE-ENCODE - this can hold quality better than the compressed transcoding of shrink, but will take a lot longer

I would have said, get a CD-printing inkjet, but I’m not sure that even Inkjet printable DL has arrived yet!

I think the little TEAC thermal printer can actually print to non-printables - no, it says printable, I think a test found it did stick on an ordinary, but was not very durable.

lol, i hear ya!

i am just gonna have to settle for using regular DL discs and print regular labels until LS DL discs are out, thanks

ok, i went and bought it, it is a Benq drive, says so right on the label, ah well, HP has to warranty it if it fails…

so i have done some more research on software

what do you guys think of DVDXCopy Platinum? it claims that it can copy any DVD to one DVD-R disc including special features, etc…so i assume it uses some compression, then again, DVD Shrink is looking nice too, and it is free!

i just found out my new DVD player doesn’t play dual layer discs, or, well, i am a bit confused, it plays the store bought ones of course, but according to everything i have found, it doesn’t play the recordable ones…

Hey mashedpgravy… If it’s a BQ 1620 it most certainly does write to DL disks. As far as programs, X-Copy isn’t a bad program but the onlt one that still has the ripper in it is going for around $145.00 which is a little spendy in my book. It’s also slow. Stay with Shrink and Decrypter. They work great and their free. AnyDVD is good to but it costs. They do have I believe a 21 day free trial you can check out. I use all 3 of them without a hickup.


actually i was referring to my new Toshiba SD-5980 set top DVD player as far as saying it does not support playback of recorded dual layer discs


DVD Shrink will do this too, but with 2:1 compression, the picture quality suffers a lot.

Great link, MadMax. Certainly has answered any queries I had on this subject. Once they progress the disks from grayscale to colour I say this will be the best thing since…compact disk :bigsmile:

well, i tried the DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink method, it took a while to get near the end to get a “parameter out of place” or something error, then it hung my system on the second try

loaded up the “good” version of DVDXcopy Platinum, started the “simple” method which launched the DVDXCopy Express program, took only about 20 minutes to rip and copy to disc the entire DVD, not just the movie part, and playback on my Toshiba SD-5980 shows no noticeable loss of IQ recorded on a Memorex DVD-R, very nice results

thanks for the help, but for a beginner, i think this DVDXCopy Express is the ticket, at least for me it is

well, upon further inspection, it turns out of course that you guys were right

the dvdxcopy method is compressing the disc far too much, started to pick up on heavy compression artifacts

went back and used a DVDShrink/DVD Decrypter method on doom9.net to extract and backup only the main movie and am much happier with the results, very small compression rates, cannot see it when played back now, but it does take about three times as long to do it this way

Hey Mash… Don’t know what the hell your doing if shrink and decrypter are taking 3 times longer than X-Copy. I’m just the opposite. Just using Shrink with decrypter to burn is way faster than X-Copy. It takes a little and I mean very little more time if you burn with Nero just cuz you have to jump into Nero. I have the original Platinum X-Copy before it was banned so I’m not sure what the one that I’ve seen available again has in it. But mine has the original ripper in it and it is SLOW!!! Sorry I don’t have the time to look for the link for you but I suggest you search for Ghosters Guide to Shrink. If you follow his directions, you’ll see what I mean. Good Luck.


dont mean to butt in here but i know with my 2 different rigs.both pent4s
one as the benq1620 w newest firmware& speedrip. the other has a nec,
this is the one my wife uses the most!!it usually take anyware from 10 minutes to 35 min depending on if i’m just ripping movie or trying to compress alot.what kinda machine do you have ect…ram…hd…any speedhacks for this burner yet??
just wondering ,we’ve allways used shrink or decrypter if needed.thats it. and i hate to say it if my little woman can figure it out then it got to be easy :wink: