I am not happy!

Because I now have a 3540 I can do quality scans so I have been looking at some media I burned on my 2500 before the firmware was updated. In particular all the Verbatim MCC 001’s are nearly unreadable. I am at present trying to rescue the data :frowning:

Luckily it’s only about 20-25 discs but it’s still a blasted pain as they all contain DiVX movies :stuck_out_tongue:

any scans of those MCC001 ? What about transfer rate ?

I will sort out a scan in a bit. But I think these were the discs I burned on a defective drive before returning it for a replacement so could be that. About 20+ discs like it. They were the very first DVD-R discs I had ever burned.

I managed to rescue them all luckily. Although I had to swap them between drives to do it as some drives would not read them fully (CRC errors).

OK here is a scan. I believe that all of these Verbatim MCC 01RG20’s were burned on the defective burner as the massive PIE was right where the 6x portion of the burn occured (After a while I burned at their rated 4x instead of 8x to avoid this but the discs scans are still unpleasant).

I tested some media that was burned immediately after the last Verbatim which was labeled disc 14. Disc 15 was a Datawrite Grey FUJIFILM03 which exhibited the same behaviour. However the next Datawrite disc labeled 16 was fine. However I am unsure as to whether I slowed to 4x from then on or if that was the point at which I had the drive replaced. I tended to burn all the Datawrite Grey at 4x anyhow from then on out of caution.

On my 3540 though I burn them at 8x with excellent results. I believe these can easily be oversped to 12x