I AM NOT HAPPY ! BenQ rubbish

Hi I would just like to explain I am not at all tech Ok? BUT!!!
I do USE DVD burners and after seeing people praise BenQ i decided my new PC would use them BIG MISTAKE !!! I use DVD burners to back up MY original DVDs for the kids to scratch now untill now I have used LG and NEC writers and never ever had a problem anyway i purchased a BenQ 1655 retail and a BenQ1650 Bulk writer and none of them will read any of my back up DVDs ?just says read errors? yet bung them in my other pc try the nec no problem try my sons pc with an Lg reads no problem so I really am not happy and dont understand why the read ability of BOTh the BenQ drives is so useless
anyone got any quick sugestions before I returne these drives ?
Regards Gerry

Benq made a good burner once, called a 1640, none will ever compare.
U try Qsuite?

no to be perfectly honest I dont understand it at all ?

Just a curiosity: what media do you use? A good burner can’t do miracles with low quality media.

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Download both QSuite & manual from the links in my sig. This shouldn’t have any affect on your drives reading ability. But may help when it comes to recording. In terms of reading it’s unusual to have 2 drives like this. You could update f/w. This quite often has surprising results.
Latest f/w here.

Strange my 1655 reads any of my old DVD’s in fact it reads any DVD’s written in my home DVD recorders as well. You may want to post your system specs and how and where the drive’s were installed. eg. (Master on primary IDE and so on)

Oh have you looked in device manager to make sure the drive is working in UDMA mode 2?

There could be many reasons why the drive doesn’t work properly but without knowing what you have for a computer and Software it’s hard to give an opinion, but I doubt that you have 2 bumb drives.


My LGs find it hard to read stuff on not-so-good media, whereas my Liteys will read the same discs without a hitch.

This is a media problem.
I have seen it with NEC, LG, Samsung drives.
What software are you using?

Don’t forget the PSU and mobo chipset factor… :slight_smile:

On some setups BenQ’s tend to be kind’a sensitive.
But sofar topic poster hasn’t provided any detailed info about H/W, S/W or media.

BTW, “read errors” are seldom caused by burning/reading software. :stuck_out_tongue:

If u have a Nvidia based mobo…try uninstalling the Nvidia Ide drivers n using the standard ide drivers…

Ditto if you have the Intel Application Accelerator or chipset drivers installed.

Hi Geno888, The Media I use is Ritek Go5 -r dvd
Hi Zebadee These Drives are both brand new
Hi Stingerman I went into Device manager but cant see were you see the UDMA 2 bit ? so cant confirm if its set how do i check please? Sorry as I said before i am not tech minded having said that i put this PC together and it worked !! ( apart from this drive problem that is blush)
Right the PC is a ASUS m/board a K8N with 1 gig stick Crucial PC3200 memory a AMD 3400+ CPU and 2 x 80 gig seagate Sata hard drives a Radion 9800 Pro graphics card a Cooler Master Centurion case with 380 watt PSU and the problem drives BenQ 1650 and a BenQ 1655 one set to master the other to slave the software I use is Shrink/ DVdecrpter and Nero 6 that came with the 1655 I SHOULD point out this is the first time i have ever put a PC together thus my miniscule knowledge
Gentleman I thank you all for your helpfull comments

Ritek are not the best media available. Try to use a verbatim or a taiyo yuden.

Sorry if I’m wrong, but I think that your PSU could be insufficient.

Read this about DMA

Anyway, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Ritek G05 is not good media. In fact it’s not recommended for anything really.
The fact that your drives are brand new doesn’t mean that they’ve the latest f/w. Looking at your setup I think it’s highly likely that media is your problem. The fact that it works in other drives does nothing to dispel this. Upgrading f/w may help. But the best thing you could do is get some decent media. Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

Right the PC is a ASUS m/board a K8N

I have the Asus K8N4E-Dlx mobo and a Benq 1650 and out of the blue i started getting coasters , drive was unable to read the dvd’s would get stuck causing blue screens…guess wat fixed it??

Uninstalled n Re-installed Nero 6 n the Nvidia drivers…now the 1650 has been working flawlesly :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

U can try the same…

PS : You shld get a 400w PSU as bare min

Hi Geno and Zebadee
Thanks for your comments geno that link was very usefull i checked and can confirm the Burner is set to udma2 and the hard drive udma 6 and i have never heard of Taiyo yuden but just did a Quick check and found my Supplyer stocks it ! but GOLLY its expensive I have been led to believe that Ritek go5 was top banana ? but you live and learn and I will order some T/Y but this does not solve the problem that my old NEC drive reads Ritek My LG reads ritek My sons Sony reads Ritek I KNOW from past experiance that a NEC burner will read Practically ANY brand of DVD disk no matter how cheap and nasy I have had discs totally UNREADABLE in the SONy and The LG burners giving the message NO MEDIA PRESENT bung the in the NEC and they work perfect?

Some drives are able more than other to read damaged/scratched/dirty/bad burned discs.

Usually when a disc is readable without problems by a picky drive, then I assume that that disc is a good one. My liteon 16P9S is a little plcky and usually I use it to check my burned media.

Not quite. I’ve read tons of times that you need a uber super duper psu to juice your machine. What you need is a psu that’s from a reputable company. Don’t bother with the wattage what matters is the ampage.

I have a 375w dual amps (18 each) psu that powers:

sony dvd-rom
160 sata
1 gig mem

The pc runs for days before I give it a rest. Plenty of gaming, burning and not a single problem (knock on wood). I remember Corsair created a high end htpc with sli running on a 375w psu as well. No problems there either.

Your LiteOn is picky?! :eek:

It’s the other way around with me - my LiteOns will read even the worst discs (like a degraded Ritek G05), whereas my LGs are the picky ones…

It’s my dvd-rom 16P9S that is picky; my burner 1693 is a good reader.

Actually, my 16P9S wasn’t able to read a couple of [U]brand new[/U] DVDs, so I marked it as “picky”