I am new to making DVD!



Is there a program(Free preferred) where you have movies in various formats (avi,mpg,wmv etc.) that you can burn a DVD and play it in your DVD player? A program where it doesn’t take hours to make the DVD. Thank you, Orion


Yep, there sure is… DVDshrink…get it here:
Just remember our forum rules about illegal copying and make sure the DVD you’re copying is one you own and are trying to back-up.
BTW, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to copy a DVD I want to make a movie of a mpg file or avi file or wmv file to DVD and be able to play it in a DVD player.


Oh…sorry, I didn’t quite get your drift… If you want something absolutely free then you could try this freeware, which I found for you after a bit of web surfing, though I haven’t used it myself:


You’ll find also here some interesting stuff


I will check out your suggestions, Orion