I am new so please don't hard on me...lol

what kind of media do you use to record on when you are going to be using the P2P? I know it can’t be the regular size dvd disc. I looked in the threads before I posted but I can’t seem to find the answer I am lookin for. Well thank you for any help you can provide. :bow:

and I forgot to say I’m using clonedvd mobile

:eek:… do you mean record to disk? i dont think that clonedvdmobile does this… you would need something like winavi… and as for media yuden, mcc, or cmc (listed in order of quality) are good stay away from ritek.

P2P? peer to peer?

or do you mean PSP?

i’m confuuuuuused.

(ok, enough with being hard on you :slight_smile: … give us a little more info and a little more clarity and I’m sure someone will be able to give you a relevant response)

Sony memory stick. if you mean PSP

ok so yes I mean the playstation sorry about that and the memory stick is the only way you can do this?

there is no way to do this besides putting them on a memory stick?

Memory stick is it.