I am new need help to increase burning speed

:bow: I am new here and I am trying to learn. I apologize if I make stupid questions.

I read that I can increase the speed of my CD burning. I have HP Cd Writer Plus 8200i Please tell me what I should do first. I prefer step by step. [COLOR=darkred]


Normally the speed of burning is increased by updating the firmware in the drive. i dont know if your drive supports a firmware upgrade. other than this, i dont think there is a way to increase speed.

Just had a quick check around the web and couldn’t find much. Anyway thats is a very old drive so it could be worth updating it for a new one, they are not that expensive anymore and the burn speed is a huge increase for you:eek:

Check out www.cdrinfo.com

I remember that I had read something for your drive.

Is the 8200i a 4x burner???

If its not fast enough, there are sites on the internet that sell cd burners for under a $100. You can try pricewatch,

Just so you know here is a link for the specs on the HP drive



I had one of these drives a couple of years ago, and it was the first piece of hardware I ever managed to kill by using a firmware flash. If I recall there was a hacked firmware that was supposed to up the write speed to 8x. I ended up with a dead drive and no way to restore the original firmware. I learned a lot from that experience.