I am new here



Hello everybody. My name is Graham and I am a computer freak. I came here as a result of a google search on a similar type of dvd recorder to that which I have recently bought. I live in South Africa and forgive me for not hanging around but I am about to migrate to that link as I have some info for the person who asked for help on the LG RH299H Open area encoding.Goodbye for now. I’ll be back not long. Regards.


Weeeeeeeelcome to the mad house :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Graham, nice to meet you! We have another member, Di, from SA too, I expect she’ll be along soon to say hi :wink:


[B]Welkom from Sunny RSA[/B] .
if you dont come back I will hunt you down :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:
di :flower: