I am looking for White Faceplate and Bezel Blu-ray

I am contemplating on building a new computer with a white case and looking for an internal Blu-Ray drive, preferably just a blu-ray reader combo rather than a writer but I would do either, but it must have a white bezel and faceplate, even a silver bezel and faceplate would do I suppose (no beige please) , if it is really impossible to find, which internal blu-ray reader combo or writer is the best on market at the moment for playing videos and compatibility with all sorts of cd/dvd/blu-ray media?

The only white BD drive I’ve seen in recent times is this one.

Looks nice, but it is external…not internal.

It is an internal drive in an external enclosure. I assume it can be removed from the enclosure, though I don’t know how difficult that might be. The only other white drive I can find is a little more pricey.

Yes you are exactly right, after thinking about it, I am just wondering if this would actually be a sata or pata drive when taken out of the enclosure, I know the LG white external drives look like they were meant to be together in an internal drive/external enclosure type of harmony, thanks for the eye opener, I didn’t look at it that way before, but seriously though, I just wonder if it would be a pata or sata drive once the enclosure was removed, if pata…it would not be as like I would want, only sata would be the preferred choice.

The drive from Deanwitty’s first post should be based on the LiteOn iHBS212 which is an SATA drive. But still this is no real guarantee that it really has SATA connectors

I ended up getting an LG blu-ray combo, it is of course…black, it doesn’t clash too bad with the white case because the case does have black trim to it, but thankfully the LG has bright lines and lettering in it, I think silver or white, but it tones it down a little since it is in the drive’s bezel and faceplate.

They really should include white faceplates and bezels in the packaging, even though white cases are rare, people do get them.