I am looking for a trial that copies CSS



Hi All,

 I am obviously a newbie... I am looking for some trial software before I fork the cash out to understand how to back up my 300 DVD collection. I would like to back them up and store them in case any get scratched by let's say, kids (which has alrady happened) and I haven't been able to find this... Please let me know any advice.... And possibly details on how 2 do it (steps.)

Must copy CSS as I am finding my whole library is CSS encr.

I have a HP DVD 640i I just bought a week ago…



DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink are my favorites, and they are freeware. They work as a team very nicely. Please google to download them.

And welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the welcome. I am a idiot at DVD burners but great with servers. Maybe one day I will be awesome at both ;o)



Another question, I am decoding a disk now but when it is done, how do I write it? (Using DVD Decrypter)



This is what I usually do: if the dvd is Double Layer (>4.7GB) I use DVD Shrink to shrink to fit a blank single layer disk. Save as ISO in DVD Shrink. If the dvd is SL, I rip with DVD Decrypter to ISO file (Pull down menu Mode - ISO - Read).

Then burn all with DVD Decrypter (Mode - ISO - Write). :slight_smile: