I am looking for a new program to encode files after I've ripped them

Hello, this is my first post (other than my intro post in the intro forum) so please be gentle.

First, let me say that I’ve searched several sites, but I cannot find what I’m looking for.

Here’s my deal.

I’m a noob at this, so bear with me. I have DVD Decrypter for ripping/decoding, and I’ve had no problem with it so far. I’ve been using Nero 6 for burning, and I’ve successfully ripped and burned about 8 DVD movies with this combination (hey, I’ve only been at this for less than a week). I don’t know if I’ve been using it right, but it’s easy, and it has worked for me…

After I breaking the DVD down using DVD Decrypter, I go into Nero and click Recode DVD Video (Nero Recode 2). Then click import DVD and burn it.

The first few, I had no problem with, but then ran into some that wouldn’t burn. I read that there was a newer version of Nero, so I downloaded it, and it worked for the videos that I was having trouble with.

The problem is, I don’t want to pay $80 for the full version of Nero when I’m only going to use one small function of the software. What I want to know is, does anybody make a recoding software that works like the Nero recoder? I would like to find a freeware non-trial version if I can, but I don’t mind to pay for it if it’s affordable. Everything else that I’ve seen seems so much more complicated. If nobody else makes what I’m looking for, (just the re-coding software) is there anything that will show me what to do after using DVD Decrypter? Everything I keep running accross shows the whole process. I just want to keep it as simple as possible.

Please help?!? Thanks. I hope I don’t catch too much heat for asking a question that I’m sure is asked every day.

DVDshrink will recode &:
a) Write back to an image file for DVD Decryptor to burn
b) Write to disk with an approved burning program.

Check the CDFreaks software pages … there are a few freeware Burning proggies there to take over theother functions from nero :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response :bow:

I’ve heard of it. I didn’t know exactly what it was though. If it’s so easy to do this way, why does it seem so complicated to do it the other ways.

Some people like to “Tweak” settings so they can maximise quality absolutely.

Usually DVDshrink, or other One-Button encoders do a fantastic job anyway.
(Enable the dynamic doobylacker of DVDshrink, to make sure the quality is great :wink: )

It comes down to whether you want to waste time “tweaking” or if you have a life and would prefer to be doing other things :wink:

DVDRebuilder has a free version that you can use indefinitely. People will say that it is slower, but that is if you re-encode (CCE, HC, etc). There is also a transcoder that you can use wih DVD-RB (Rejig) which is just as fast as Shrink, Recode2, CloneDVD2, etc. Is your Nero version a trial? If so, you can get Nero OEM Suite 3, which includes Recode2, for $8 shipped. Whatever route you decide to take, you should still look into DVD-RB for processing movies that require a great deal of compression. It is unrivalled in its quality with CCE or HC…

Debro, you hit it, I don’t have time for that shizz. The quality is good enough for me.

I just read about shrink, after you encode with it, what do you burn with??? Recode 2 recodes it and burns it to disc with one click. Does DVD Rebuilder burn it???

I have Recode 2 already on Nero 6. The reason that I went to the Nero 7 demo is that I was starting to have so problems re-encoding with it. I don’t want to pay for $80 for Nero 7 just for the re-encode feature. That’s why I’m looking for something new.

I use DVD+R by the way. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Disk = the same,
Dye = the same,
Data structure/formatting = different.

DVD+R is supposed to be more robust (aka error tolerant).
Difference in actual use / lifetimes … yet to be seen :wink:

I didn’t expect you to be so quick, I edited my post, will you please re-read it?

dvdshrink is a rocking lil prog to fit a movie after rip on 1 4.7 disk, dvd+r vs -r is whatever yur stand alone player likes more. Beyond that, there is alot of talk good manufactures of blanks and crap blanks…“media”. The + vs - think is really about what your dvd player/players like, quality media is worth investing in…:slight_smile:

Once DVDshrink dumps it into an image, any burning program you have should be able to write the ISO file to a DVD.

DVDDecryptor is freeware & floating around the internet, and can do that for you if you have $hitty software like roxio EZCD… :wink:

I’m not sure whether DVDShrink has direct burning support though for DVDDecryptor. Aka, 1 click encode & burn, but I think it does :slight_smile:

hey now…no knocking the EZCD…my dad loves it…lol, just got him using EAC finally with nero to burn…dragging and screaming at that…lol :slight_smile:

/me slaps ZZman with a pickled herring for letting his father use such inferior software.

There are sooo many good (& Freeware) burnings proggies available.


:sad::sad::sad:Why let someone you love use EZCD! :sad::sad::sad:

I said I drug his ass to nero and EAC!!! lolol

damn that took a year,he liked the pretty, easy to use screens…I said k…now that it won’t work anymore…buy crap again, or learn…let me show you…lol

oddly…after an hour…he loves EAC w/lame…and is tolerating nero…:slight_smile:

Oh thank god for that :slight_smile:

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dvdshink is one of my favorite programs, often will rip, encode/transcode and give you a great iso or file directory you can burn single 4.7 disc. sometimes you need to use dvdderypter 1st for cranky disks in file mode, and then use dvdshrink to scale it down from that directory. :slight_smile:

For burning, there are a few feebies like imageburn if it’s an iso file, or pay like nero…whice is both loved and hated here depending on what version you have…:slight_smile:

nero / dvddecrypter / dvdshrink is a solid combination of tools for your kit…:slight_smile:

could you post me the URL? I found many tools called imageburn on the net. Which is the right please? Thanks

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he misspelled it. The program that is usually referred to on this forum is ImgBurn, available here

Sorry about that, fingers get typing on autopilot at times…:slight_smile:

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