I am having truble with DVD Region+css FREE

please please:sad: Hay guys how you all doin? i am having truble with DVD Region+css FREE …umm i was wondiring if there was some sort of step by step instructions that i can use to help me and see exactly wut iam doing wrong…please help :bow:

If you have a problem with an commercial tool, first check the manufacturers site.


check this out i have that program now the frist question is what are you trying to do you see the region free +css does not work by it self to make copys of dvd you will find it just helps with making it able to play on a dvd player if the dvd that you have has a copy guard it will sometimes work but if you run dvd 43 which is a free program with it you will have a lot more sucess if this is not what you need go to the site where you purchased it and hit the support(tech) and they will answer you it will help if you send them acopy of your files this way they will know what to do . hope this is helpful

That program hasn’t been update in almost 6 months or so, I doubt if it will decrypt the newer movies now, there is more information in the DVDFAB/DVD Region+CSS Free Forum for this program

I recommend poster you concern on related forum (DVD Region+CSS Free) to get fast and accurate response. Also Chef has provided to you the right place to look for instruction and guidance.