I am having a rough time backing up Sex and the City Season1 disc 1

No, ripit4me works only with dvd decrypter.

You can try to use dvdfab decrypter only to rip the disc.

Or you can download trial version of anydvd and try to rip the disc.

You don’t need to use fab with ripit4me, it works on it own. You just need burning software after that. What region discs are you using? I had a horrible time backing up my wife’s collection of SATC. I’m Reg.1 I never had a complete failure but the bitrate and compression was very low. Sounds to me like you have all the right software.

I think that I am region 1 as well? The ones that I have successfully ripped are done really good (exact copies).

I’d suggest trying both the stand-alone program DVD Fab Decrypter and the RipIt4Me/FixVTS files in conjunction with DVD Decrypter. I’ve had good luck with both, though it seems that the latest versions of DVD Fab Decrypter have a couple of niggling issues. Still, all are free and worth a try, imo.

Unfortunately I used up my trial anydvd awhile ago. Basically I am worried about shelling out the $$$ for the real version if it isn’t going to work. Has anyone who owns it ever had problems ripping encoded disks?

Before to buy try to use a different drive to rip that discs. Ask to a friend to do a test or buy a new drive if you can :slight_smile:

Cool geno888 I’ll try a different drive and see what happens next. I cannot believe that I have no problem ripping Million $ projects yet Sex and the City eludes me. Down right silly :slight_smile:

LOL :bigsmile:

Some discs are a pain to be ripped. It happened also to me :doh:

Amen, Geno. :doh:

Yes this is truly a pain :frowning: . At the moment I am ripping it with my other drive so I’ll see what happens… not too optimistic though.

I hope some details on RipIt4Me and the setup will help - here is a blurb I posted somewhere earlier:

I used to use DVD Decrypter all by itself to rip these to disk. Unfortunately, due to legal pressure, development on that excellent FREE app was halted, but the final version - - can be downloaded from a variety of places, including this site here:


So, in order to allow DVD Decrypter to handle the latest copy protections, there is a FREE front-end called RipIt4Me. When executed, it will walk you through the backup process, either via a multi-step Wizard or a 1-Click option. The RipIt4Me program can be downloaded here:


RipIt4Me needs one more FREE app called FixVTS in order to complete its magic. It is located here:


So, to backup a protected disk that you own:

  • Download these 3 FREE applications to your hard drive
  • Install DVD Decrypter on your system
  • Copy the RIPIT4ME executable to your DVD Decrypter installation directory
  • Copy the FIXVTS executable to your DVD Decrypter installation directory
  • Create a single shortcut to the RIPIT4ME executable
  • Place that shortcut where you wish to run it from (quicklaunch, desktop, etc.)
  • Execute the RIPIT4ME shortcut and follow the prompts until the process is finished

Once your disk is ripped to the hard drive, you can process it with a ton of different apps.

Ok so my other drive ended with the same results. “ripit4me” seems to have been aborted. I was using dvdfab decrypter and now I downloaded the program (dvd decrypter) that BeardedKirklander said to use. It is currently running right now; I hope that THIS WORKS :slight_smile:

It is the combination of RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter and FixVTS that does the trick.

You install DVD Decrypter, put the two executables for RipIt4Me and FixVTS in that folder and then run the RipIt4Me executable and it should call up DVD Decrypter, rip the information, then prompt you to use FixVTS (Which I pretty much always do) and then it should be finished processing and you should have a readable VIDEO_TS folder that you can open with a DVD player or something like DVD Shrink.

You should have ANYDVD or DVD43 totally uninstalled in order to use these apps, I believe, to avoid any interference.

Best of luck.

Thanks I’ll keep ya posted. This forum rocks!!

Let me understand: until now you used [U]dvdfab[/U] decrypter or dvd decrypter with ripit4me?

ripit4me works only with dvd decrypter, not with dvd[U]fab[/U] decrypter. These tools have similar names, but are very different

I’m a newb! I’ve been using dvdfab not dvd decrypter. I take it that that is the problem.

This is exactly the problem. You must use dvd decrypter (without the fab).

Now I understand why ripit4me crashed anytime :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it was kinda lame that they named DVD Fab Decrypter so similarly to DVD Decrypter - mega confusing.

Totally! :bigsmile: I am about 12 minutes out right now with ALL of the right programs. I’ll reply once it is completed through dvd shrink and all is well… i hope :o

If you run also the FixVTS step then shrink should be able to read ripped files without problems :slight_smile: