I am having a rough time backing up Sex and the City Season1 disc 1

Hi all, I am a newbie on this forum but I have found myself at a great stand still. I have backed up copies of Sex and the City (season 2 and 3) with no problem but certain discs give me a vob error. I would like to know if I were to purchase a program such as ANYDVD, would this help me at all? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Before to buy something, give a try to a free software: ripit4me

I tried ripit4me today and it encountered an error at the end of it.

Do you have latest version of FixVTS?

Are you sure that the disc is not scratched or dirty?

Yes AnyDVD is the best but give DVD43 a try if you want it is a free decrypter that may work it works on many issues but AnyDVD is the best, IMHO!

Yes I downloaded the new FixVTS this morning and the disc is brand new. I am having this same problem with a couple of the discs in the series.

Thanks for your response guys (and gals) I will try DVD43 and I’ll let you know how it works.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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I bet you that your disc (the one your are copying) either dirty or scratched as geno pointed out. Try to clean the disc and as suggested use RipMe4 to rip and burn with.

Alright I’ll try the rip it program again after I clean the disc. Hopefully it works bacause I’ve tried a couple of different programs and they all seem to crash at the end. Thx

Good Luck and let’s know the result.

Didn’t work kept getting errors ;( . And to top it all off now my disc drive won’t read any dvd or cd. Thanks everybody sorry nothing worked for me. I’ll be back when I get a new disk drive.

To be sure that is not a defective disc, can you try to rip with a different drive?

Actually I am trying that as we speak. I’ll keep ya posted. Currently ripping with ripit4me,fixvts and fab decrypter.

Nope no dice. It gets right to the end (and I’ve tried a couple of different discs) and when they get to the end it says ripit4me encountered an error and had to abort. Ahhh, I have never had this hard of a time before! I am taking a break for food and I will solve this!!! haha

This is really strange. Do you have latest version?

ya I made sure there was no available updates for all of the programs I am using.

When I read the title of this thread “I am having a rough time backing up Sex and the City…” I thought you meant your friends were laughing at you. Sorry about that.
My suggestion…try to rip it with a friend´s computer…one who knows what he´s doing and has the right programs…!

(sob sob) maybe I don’t have any smart geek friends :slight_smile: . I usually am the go to guy with tech problems it’s just that I have never run into these problems before. :sad: Is it ok to use dvd fab with ripit4me? Is that what I am doing wrong?