I am having a lot of problems burning with my benq 1620 (noob)



i bought an oem(generic) 1620, and the first thing i did out of the box was to flash it to the latest firmware from benq’s site. (G7K9) I also dl’d the “benQ QVideo 2.0 Software Utility”, even though i don’t hink it does anythng important.

i bought a couple of verbatim dvd-r 8x(mcc 02rg20). Using varying a bunch of freeware burning programs like deepbun and burnpro, i was able to a get a few good disks. but some of them failed to verify.

i bought a stack of maxells dvd-r 4x (RITEKG04) and tried to burn stuff. i havn’t got one good burn out of them yet heres some graphs, whihc i’m pretty sure mean “bad”. funny thing is, the (mcc 02rg20) seem way worse.

right now, im burning a ritekg04 with nero. its already come up with a bunch of read errors, and it’s not even close to finished verifying.

I’m just trying to use this drive to back up files, not copying rental dvds or anything.

I gave the 1620 it’s own ide channel, and unplugged every peripherial uneccessary in order to minimize drain on the PSU.

i’m at my wit’s end and like a dozen costers deep here. any suggestions?


You need to update your firmware to G7P9, it’s a better firmware and if you want to go one step further and cross flash it with the retail B series firmware B7P9 (some like T and some like U). read this thread


Yes download the latest Cd-DVD speed and change your scan speed from maximum to 8x (middle right).


There are a few things you should do.
First get the latest firmware.
Second, you should also get the latest version of CD Speed. You can download it here. This way you will be able to see PI Failures and Scan at a faster speed!
Btw, good burn with the Verbatim -R 8x!


Verbatim scan looks great to me, MAX PI error 40
G04 scan looks pretty poor, MAX PI error 1200

about what I would expect from the media you are using.


Make sure DMA is enabled for the drive. Those scans and speed look very similar to the performance I was getting with my drive before I found out that DMA wasn’t on.


The MCC 02RG20 scan looks similiar in PIE Levels with the ones I get. The RitekG04 should be improved with later firmware releases and I do believe the OP has DMA enabled properly considering the looks of the MCC burn. Of course, it’s always good to check although I just believe it’s because of the really old firmware that drive has on it. Do what the other folks here have said and upgrade to at least G7P9 first and see how you are making out. Once you burn a few discs that way and feel satisfied the drive is working fine then you can decide if you want to switch out and cross-flash it to a BenQ Pro with either B7T9 or B7U9. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot everybody. it turns out it WAS the firmware. pretty lame of benQ not to have decent FW on their own website. Anyways, I am now using B7P9(link to g7p9 was dead), and I just finished my first completely successful burn with the ritekg04s.

what would moving B7T9 or B7U9 get me?

and can anyone suggest some good freeware burning software? i don’t feel like dropping 50 bucks us for nero.


Some people swear by P some swear by T and some swear by U. I think you’ll have to experiment and decide for yourself.


okay, here’s those ritekg04’s on b7p9… ill try the other firmwares tommorrow.