I am going to buy ASUS S-presso S1-P111 barebone system, Any idea's?



[B]Hi all,
I am going to buy ASUS S-presso S1-P111 barebone system ( Deluxe )

In order to use it for a home theater, record from tv, watch pc on tv ( after buy a AGP card has a TV Out )
and use remote to do all that!

I want to ask, does any one have a better pc has a good price do these things?

Thank you
Doctor Aziz[/B]


Looks like you just need a couple of big hard drives and a dvd burner.


browser internet, watch divx movies and play games…etc


Wow. I like that let us know how you make out. :slight_smile:


I’m looking into building something like this for myself too! Heck, all I really need is a big hard drive for it and I can drop in my black spare NEC ND3500AG for the DVD Player / DVD Recorder… I’d assume XP Media Edition would be the operating system of choice on this PC?


[B]What i’m going to put in his computer:
1.7 GHz CPU ( Enough for this PC )
200GB Hard Disk
NEC 3500 DVD Writer
1 GB Corsair DDRAM
Windows Media Center 2005

What I need is your help to get the best barebone system.

Thank you
Doctor Aziz[/B]