I am giving up with DVD-R media



My 708A pisses me off with this kind of media when I burn video files either DVD or DIVX. I had no problem with any 2X and 4X -media with my older Pioneer a06. With the same media burnt on Plextor (Lets say Friends DVD) I am OK with the first 2 episodes, then pixellation or not reading at all… If I burn divx movies either one or 2 movies not playing at all if I am lucky… or else no one is playing. Same is valid for the drive these discs are written, ie Plextor itself!!! I am going nuts here. Anyway, except Apple and Verbatim it takes quite a long time to recognise any -media. 4X Beall for instance… or Meritline brand.

None of the above is valid for +media. I am burning all kinds of 2.4, 4, 8X medias… no names, Arita or Verbatim… not a single coaster or not being recognised by any DVD player.

Can we assume that Plextor is above all a +Drive? Not liking -media… or me?


plextor is picky with -R media and you will probably have to use something a little higher grade than beall or meritline in order to get the results you’re after…


I just realised that my PS2 was OK with +media… so bye bye DVD-R! I had always used high quality DVD-R for my Sony PS2… which is known to be quite picky. But I just burned GT4 to Arita and wrooom! BTW the game sucks :))


Use the recommended brands DVD-R media like MAXELL, TDK, & TAIYO YUDEN (FUJI).:slight_smile:


Been using Samsung 4x DVD-R media for quite some time now without a single problem so far. These Samsung discs are manufactured by BeAll but they’re better quality discs as BeAll puts out under their own brand name.


I have been using Ritek DVD-R G04 from Meritline without a single coaster. All the movies I have backed up play beautifully on all my DVD players and on our Playstation 2! I have burnt hundreds of Riteks DVD-R G04 and wouldn’t change to another brand since they are only 76cents apiece at meritline.com

Happy Burning!