I am frustrated with my 1620 Mini Disc Problem

:frowning: Once in a while we all have a certain problem that you have two ways to go with it. Decide it is not worth the effort or time and move on with out an answer. Or start to become obsessed with it and the hell with the value of all your effort and time.
Well I am in the latter stage. I will not repeat the original problem see post Unable to burn Mini DVD-R disc BenQ 1620

Here is what I am experiencing with my BenQ 1620
1.Works great with all my blank medias DVD+/- R/RW 4.3 GB
2 When I insert a Mini DVD-R Disc and use
Qscan I get following results

Note the Disc Capacity is wrong ?
But the failure warring states that Firmware needs update, yet I am at the highest I know exists ?

  1. When I use Nero Info Tool I get the following
    Note Disc Capacity is correct ??

Any suggestions ??

Simply forget the QScan size output. The drive obviously handles the size correct.