I am begging for help :(

OK, here’s my problem: I need to find a way to purchase LARGE container shipments of blank media from Asia. But everywhere I turn, I hit a darn wall.

Can anybody help?

What I am looking for is good blank media (we currently use ProDisc as our main media). I have tried to get into TY, Verbatim, Fuji to no avail.

I am looking to purchase:
-upwords of one million inkjet printable discs (250K per quarter)
-60,000 (x2 bi-annually) DVD-R 8x (white thermal hub printables F-01 coded-for Rimage Everest Printer)
-50,000 (x 2 bi-annually) CD-R (white thermal hub printable F-01 coded for Rimage Everest Printer)

This is no joke, I need your help. I am a newbie to this forum and I don’t know nearly as much about discs as most of you all. So please find it in your heart to help me.

I would be forever in your debt. :bow:

Thanks all!