I am back now :)



Me was in a car accident, some stupid bloke stopped suddenly infront of me for no reason so I braked, abs kicked in, everything was fine! Next min some guy came speeding of the dual carriageway into the back of me, totalled his G reg completely. Caused £1,200 damage to mine, rear bumper took the impact, didn’t know it was fitted with anti impact stuff, but all the same it needed to be replaced, but other probs cropped up so I got rid. Dragged me down for a few weeks, didn’t feel like doing much! Got a personal injury claim setup by my ins company because I had motor legal protection, and even though I have cancelled the ins now, it makes no difference as I was covered at the time of the accident they still have to follow it through. Been clocking up the miles on me custom pedal cycle, done 160 miles over the last 2 weeks, taking me up to a total of just over 934 miles. Got ADSL now 512kbps connection with Pipex and had a load of guys getting me up to max speed with tweaks etc…

Greetz The Diplomat :smiley:


Sounds nasty but nice to know it worked out in the end.


Welcome back I’d say…

btw those kinds of accidents suck (I had such an accident last year)…


Werent you in another accident a while ago? Maybe its my bad memory but I’d say you have bad luck with automobiles :slight_smile:


Least you have brakes, my power brake system is failing making the most god-awful sound and rumbling…

Getting distracted, glad to hear you aren’t hurt and welcome back!


Good to see you back.

Glad everything’s OK now.