I am back after mobo died on me

Well sorry not been around, me mobo died on me and I had too wait a few days for a new one. Bought the AsusA7V8X Gold edition with all the trimmings.:smiley:

p.s worth checking this board out, Toms Hardware voted it as the no 1 board to have if you own an (XP2600+ with 333fsb)

This was on the box, so I guess Tom is raking in loads of cash. How much would ASUS have paid for the the rights too stick that on their box?? The mind boggles;)

Greets The Diplomat:)

They are good boards, very fast and stable. I had one until an unfortunate slip with the screwdriver while taking off my heatsink. Never thought it could happen to me…

Note to self: Never purchase product based on views by reviewer who got paid.

So tell me, if this mobo’s sooo good, why did it die on you?

Read above posts again.

Comment was directed at TS. I didn’t even want to bring up your issue stabbing the mobo multiple times w/ a screw driver…

My mistake… No biggie either way, eh?

Originally posted by Stoner
Note to self: Never purchase product based on views by reviewer who got paid.

You don’t trust uncle Tom? Neither do I :wink:

Mr Thomas Pabst isn’t really the fault for that.
I do believe the rumor is that he got so much stuff from manufacturers that he had to hire/get some people to research all that junk.

I’ve seen video cards from AsusTek with a “Best tested at Tom’s Hardwarepage” years ago , i doubt it has gone any less.

The guy possesses quite some knowledge though , don’t think he is all that biased.

Compare it to John Carmack… he won’t have to pay for video cards anymore either :slight_smile:

I just spent the best part of 1 hour writing an article too clear any confusion up, I lost the lot as I accidently went back a page and when I returned it had gone and I was left with an empty page. Some other sites allow you to go back to that post and your info is still there. See I assumed wrongly what works with other sites and is not supported by this one.

I will retype what I can remember.

I had an Asus A7V333(red box), I purchased a Barton processor 2600+(special edt with a 333fsb), I had trouble removing the heatsink and accidently smashed a very small chip next too the socket when the small screwdriver slipped out of the notch. I had been to dabs.com and found a dream mobo called an asus A7V8X, as it supported 6.1 audio, had an onboad rj45 nic and raid support, that is is what I wanted so I bought it and it’s the Asus golden flagship and it had more extras which took me by suprise such as having a firewire backplate with 2 leads for the board so both ports can be used. It has an in/out gold plated spdif mounted on a back plate and plugs into the board so I could run a digital coaxal phono to me sony decoder and get the full 6.1 experiece. It has loads more features such as 2 serial raid ports, 1 x 40 pin raid port for 1 x HD only, the board has been completly redesigned and the power connector is near the floppy port which has been put back next too the primary and secondary ports. It can take pc2100/pc2700 and pc 3200 84pin ddr memory upto a maximum of 3 gig. The onboard nic is 10 x faster than a standard 10/100 nic. It also supports x8 AGP and if you try and put an old 3.3v agp card into the 1.5 v port, a red light will come on and the pc will refuse too power up until you insert the correct card, nice feature as it saves the board and all being damaged. It comes with 6 x USB 2 ports and has 6 x PCI 2.2 complient slots, one of which supports a wireless device. I took a chance and it paid off. I never assumed all these xtras would come with the board and it too me by suprise.

I only know it got rated no1 by Toms hardware as it was on the box. See I was the one that chose the board and my decision was not influenced by nobody, I have my own mind and the ability to think. See some of you made the assumption that I went of Toms advice how wrong you were. A little bit of wisdom, never assume anything for making the wrong assumption could land you with yer hands tied behind yer back in a situation you cannot get out, as you assumed everything would be ok. Unfortunatly in life plans etc don’t always go the way you assumed it would.

Might be a few typos but considering I am taking lots of pain killers for me major wiplash and have been up all nite here in the UK I think I have done very well with me reply to rectify the assumptions other members made about what I would call a hypothetical situation which never happened, regarding my motherboard being purchased, based on a review by Toms Hardware which is incorrect. :bigsmile:

Greetz From The Diplomat :smiley:

Does your board have the KT400 or KT400A chipset?

I was running my A7V8X with a 1600 Palimino (locked) at 167 FSB.

It was a good running mobo, fast and stable. I did not use the onboard sound or SATA though.