I am attmepting create a backup copy of my dvd, Stranger than Fiction - sony

I am attmepting create a backup copy of my dvd, Stranger than Fiction - sony. I cannot make it. I normally would use, in order of process;
1.dvd decrypter
2.dvd shrink
3.Image Tool (by coujo)
4.dvd decrypter, again

In a post that I read earlier, I believe that PhilAmber said that this was the sort of issue that could be addressed here. ALso, I have spent a lot of time reading and researching and have finally resorted to asking -

In order to try to correct this problem, I have spent nearly 7 hours on this issue tonight - have downloaded and attempted to utilize an inumerable number of different programs as recommended by others on this and another site and have yet to resolve it. - Help, if you could!
Programs that I have downloaded and tried tonight include ones such as -ImgBurn, WinXBurnerMaster, Anydvd, Clonedvd 2, etc…

I have been backing up and creating copies of my dvd’s in hte past with no problems until tonight. I will say that I am not very literate with this stuff, short on knowing the terminology and have simply followed instructions that were given to me - never figured out any of this on my own - it was knowledge passed on. Also, I have spent SO MANY HOURS reading and still cannot come up with ONE WAY that works for tricky dvd’s such as this new sonly one - although a number of people on this forum say that it IS possible (but, when I do what they suggest it doesn’t work for me).
Can anybody give a small (detailed)list of instructions on how I can backup and create an additional copy of this tricky bugger, sony dvd? :a I am SO frustrated right now…

Try RipIt4Me + DVD Decrypter and then your programs. Althought use ImgBurn to burn it not DVD Decrypter as this is basically an updted version of the burn engine.

Another program that should work is AnyDVD but it seems you have tried that.

Use our forum search function with keywords [I]stranger than fiction[/I] you’ll find posts which should solve your problem. Seems like this causes some problems with different programs.

Stranger than Fiction cant copy/rip
I have read several forums on some newer titles that wont rip/copy. I found RipIt4Me works really well for this movie.

I hope this helps.