I am asking about alcohol?




i am asking about alcohol???

i want alink to download clony xxl to alcohol

because I really need it …

Iwant as fast as you could…:wink:


sorry, i don’t understand this thread, if u want to download clony use google, otherwise download alcoholer --> www.alcoholer.com

hope this helps…


first of all thanx friend

secondly i am using clony xxl and its dealing with clone cd…

i want to make it deals with alcohol…

hope its clear now


another thing

the link doesnt work:confused:


okay, lil recherche:
u can download alcoholer here
but before, u most likely have to install that: gdiplus.dll
hope that helps :slight_smile:


k i c a problem, alcoholer site seems down at the moment…
try later , first link should work…
good luck