I am as a Web Engineer,I have WD3200BEVT Hard Drive

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Western digital WD800BB Caviar 80 GB Hard Drive (20 Pack). Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]Hi, i have Bought HP G60-235Dx NoteBook Pc with Hard Drive Western Digital WD3200BEVT 320 GB, but by default Vista Home Basic is Instaled xp, Basically i am Web Engineer so in Vista Programming is Limited, Now i wanted to instaled Window Xp, But it not Instaling, When i Put Window Xp Disk in the DVD Room , data can,t read , and gave the following Error: check the Hard Driver or Hard drive controller, it work or not, to change the Hard Drive. Stop:0x0000007B (0XF78D2524,0XC0000034,0X00000000,0X000000000) But you know, when i restart the Computer the Vista Working Correct. Please Give Me Correct Answer to solve the Problem

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most likely, the Sata controller of your computer is set to AHCI mode, which is not supported by XP install discs (unless there are Sata drivers integrated).
You need to change the Sata operation mode to “IDE” in Bios in order to get your XP Install disc working.

As alternative, you may consider installing a Virtual Machine software (like Virtual PC or Virtual Box) onto your Vista computer and install XP within that Virtual Machine. That way, you avoid trouble finding XP drivers for your physical computer.

Virtual PC and VirtualBox are both available for free from MS (VirtualPC) or Sun (VirtualBox).


Alternately, you can slipstream the SATA controller driver into a copy of your windows XP disc so that it loads the drivers, and detects the SATA controller.

There are loads of guides on the net … or you can use this one that i found in 0.0001s on google, according to google

Hi ,
when i open the Setup ther is No option in Computer to change the Sata opration to IDE Mode,
what i do.
Basicaly my Bios Version is F.3B.
and Computer is G60-235DX Notebook PC.

Then think about the virtual computer thing. (easier)
Or build a XP install disc with integrated SP3 and Sata drivers for your motherboard chipset. (more complicated)


Use nLite to slipstream SATA (AHCI) drivers and integrate SP3.