I am an idiot



i obviously have no clue what i’m doin’ so please everyone get your laughs in, so we can move on… thank you. the last thread was closed, thank you for that… i didn’t know the rules. i’m just aggrevated with my system and wanted to resolve it. i wanted to know the cause of burn process failed with status 3, running nero 9. posting the error log was my mistake… i would like some inputonhow toget through this properly. thank you


We cannot help with the xvid movie that you downloaded and tried to burn to a disk. Its not that we want to aggravate you, its just against the rules of the forum to help with copyright protected material being copied or converted to another format without a legal basis for doing so. If you had bought the movie in xvid avi format or as a dvd or blu ray disk, we would be quite happy to help.

My suggestion is to try a simple data burn (nothing illegal!) using Nero and these particular disks you have. If it fails again, post the log from this latest failure.


thank you for the reply kerry, i can appreciate the situation i put everyone in with my ignorance. since i last posted i acctually tried another burn on nero and reset the “burn speed” it was at max, i dropped it to 6x, and it burnt properly. the only problem iam havin’ now is how to save this setting so i don’t have to keep resetting the speed everytime i use the program. each time i have started it (nero vision), i have had to reset the burn speed because its always back to max setting


The only way I know of to have the chosen speed remain set is to ditch Nero and use ImgBurn instead…