I am almost too embarrassed to ask.. DVDR1640

Hi everyone,

I recently exchanged my BTC1008IM driver for a Philips branded DVDR1620K.

The drive door cover states its a 1640 model, and windows / nero infotool reports it as a 1640P firmware version 2.0.

An OEM version of Nero 6 was included (which is nice…), but I seem to be having a few problems finding the booktype setting option. As a result my DVD player is now having problems reading the backups I make. (I have used Ritek and TDK x4 -R media).

I rang Philips tech support and they haven’t even heard of the drive!!?? let alone whether there is a firmware upgrade to enable booktype setting.

Does anyone know whether the drive or Nero is to blame.

Any help is appreciated. :bow:


The latest fw for that drive is p2.2

Philips DVDR1640P - No Firmware Updates Available
(Known Firmware: P2.1, P2.2)

(I have used Ritek and TDK x4 -R media)

No dvd burner can bitset -R media, there is one drive nu tech 082 that can but it actually makes things worse, in some cases. All normal dvd drive that can do it will bitset +R only.

Thanks KenW,

Bit puzzled about the booktype info - my BTC1008IM allowed me to set -R media to DVD-ROM type through Nero and DVDShrink… :confused:

The most worrying thing is the lack of support from Philips…


bitsetting of -R is really odd man out 99% of dvd drive wont do it, but 75% of dvd drive will bitset +R