I am about to flash my pioneer 216D is this the way newbie help

Hi I just wont to check whit someone that know this stuff. I am about to make a backup from my navigation dvd and needed a pioneer 116D but could not find one. But I find 216D and need to update the firmware to “1.09 whit bitsetting crack” I read it on a well known audi forum site from a user that made a succsesfully backup of the navi dvd whit 216D.

Now to my question do I download the orginal firmware from pioneers homepage.

Open the firmware whit MediaCodeSpeedEdit and just make hit the “enable bitsetting” then export and save the edited firmware and update the pioneer whit that edited firmware?

Should that do it? I am a little abit afraid of breaking my brand new pioneer so confirm is this the way to go for make the 216D “whit bitsetting crack”

What has bitsetting to do with a “crack”???

Check the MCSE FAQ.