I am a total power burner looking for the highest quality DVD writer/media combo!



Hey folks! My post count is only low because I just registered… I’ve actually been a regular reader of CDFreaks for many years now! I’ve had no need to register because I was always good at searching and finding already posted answers to my questions. :slight_smile:

I knew someday I’d have to ask a question though! So here’s my dilhema:

I burn DVDs for a living, at a rate of about 12-24 a day. For the longest time (about 1000+ burns) I’ve found extremely good results with my old faithful NEC ND-3540A and SONY16D1 media. Don’t worry, my burner’s been hooked up to a liquid cooling system… so I’ve never had to worry about my NEC getting too hot or anything like that. :slight_smile:

My problem is that my ND-3540A is on its last leg (I think), and I can’t risk being without a burner! So I’m doing some preventative maintenance and shopping around for my new drive before my old one gives out.

I only need to burn one type of DVD-R media, and I’m looking at using the TYGO2’s or 3’s. But if I can find a different media that works better with the drive I choose (perhaps MCC004’s or something) – than I’d have no trouble going that route too.

The poll contains the highest-quality models I have done my absolute best to research, through reading countless threads in this forum. If a model number needs changing (for instance maybe a Plextor 716 is better than a 760), please feel free to comment! I hope I picked the best of the best though…

Here’s what I DO care about:

[li]RELIABILITY – a burner that’ll last awhile
[/li][li]HIGH QUALITY – burns with low PIE/PIF counts

Here’s what I DON’T care about:

[li]SPEED – I could care less how long it takes me to burn a DVD-R 4.7gb
[/li][li]BRAND – as long as it works, I’m good!
[/li][li]MEDIA – I don’t mind being limited to a few brands of media

Now I’m leaning toward the LG H22N for the low PIE/PIF counts I keep seeing, but for the life of me, I can’t make up my mind to get it because SO many other drives have been shown to have almost equally pleasant results.

If this exact subject has been discussed before, please forgive me! I have been to every forum though, and have read hundred of threads / thousands of posts… but I just can’t seem to make up my mind!

To be honest, I need an expert’s expert opinion, if that’s not too much to ask! Hopefully with the information I have provided you guys with too, you can more easily help me pick just the right burner for my needs.

Thank you all for putting up with me… I am prolly considered a noobie, aren’t I? :smiley: Everyone’s gotta start somewhere though, right!


Don’t worry, I’ve already visited this poll/thread:

Which DVD Writer should i buy this time? (Jan-07)

which was a HUGE help… but I was still unable to decide upon the specific models for each brand.


Oh no… I just found the thread for the LiteOn LH-20A1H! Man those are some low PIE/PIF counts.

Maybe somebody who voted for the LiteOn SHM-165P6S would have liked to vote for the LH-20A1H?


Nevermind… I made up my mind!

The LG GSA-H22N seems to be the burner I want, based off of a few more threads I found. =)

Sorry ya’ll had to put up with me! And to the moderators, you can close this thread if you’d like too… as there seems to be too many like it out there!


Excellent choice.

LG GSA-H22N & Verbatim 16x DVD+R media (MCC004) = deadly combination.


So the LG doesn’t do scans at all… :frowning:

Could anyone give me a push in the right direction as to where I may find a good scanner? I hear Lite-On is pretty good, but a little noisy…

Does anyone know how Pioneer holds up to scanning?


If you need a drive for scanning, LiteOn or BenQ drives should be prefered. Plextor drives are an alternative, but usually too expensive for this purpose (alone).

Pioneer drives are not reliable scanners.


Thanks for the info packetloss! My ultimate drive burning/scanning system has been narrowed even more… :bigsmile:

Okay, so here’s where I’m still stuck, unfortunately… :sad: I hope I’m not asking for too much input here! …but what do you (or anyone else who is kind enough to read this) think is a good combination of the available selection?

Burner: Pioneer DVR-111D
Scanner: BenQ DW1655

Burner: LiteOn SHM-165P6S
Scanner: BenQ DW1655

Burner: LG GSA-H22N
Scanner: BenQ DW1655

Burner: LG GSA-H22N
Scanner: LiteOn SHM-165P6S

Burner: BenQ DW1655
Scanner: LiteOn SHM-165P6S

And this goes without saying that I don’t like the idea of scanning media burned from the same burner. <-- (is this the norm?)

Thank you to anyone who can provide me with some imput!

I’m an active member of Doom9 in their video editing forums, so I understand that there’s really no “best” out there… and asking for one would be foolish! But hopefully with my specific situation, an optimum combination of burner/scanner indeed does exist, and can be suggested. :slight_smile:


Burner: Pioneer DVR-111D
Scanner: BenQ DW1655

Burner: LG GSA-H22N
Scanner: BenQ DW1655

Burner: LG GSA-H22N
Scanner: LiteOn SHM-165P6S

From the combinations you listed, these three are preferd by me. I’d actually prefer one of the latter two over the first one, because both the Pioneer 111 and the BenQ 1655 have similar strenghts (great burn quality with a large variety of media). For your specific needs, the second or third choice listed above make more sense IMHO.

I have a LG GSA-H22N in combination with a BenQ 1650 myself. The strenghts of both drives are complementary (LG: Excellent burn quality at the highest speeds, DVD-RAM support, great burn quality with DL media etc.; BenQ: great burn quality with a large variety of media, including cheap discs, good scanner (both DVD and CD), overburning etc.). I’m very satisfied with this combination, doesn’t get much better than this.


Oh thank you thank you packetloss! I’m learning quick, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

So I’m leaning toward the LG/BenQ combination… as nothing speaks louder than an expert’s opinion! But I do have one more quick question…

Say I wanted a combination that I could switch back and forth with? Like here:

Burner: LiteOn SHM-165P6S
Scanner: BenQ DW1655

Burner: BenQ DW1655
Scanner: LiteOn SHM-165P6S

Would these two work pretty well interchangably? Or should I just stick with the LG GSA-H22N as my burner…

Just want to say thanks again packetloss for your support! The more I learn, the faster I can become an expert… and then hopefully someday I can be the one giving the advice for a change! :wink:


Of course those two drives would work just fine interchangeably. It’s a matter of preference I guess. If you ‘only’ want to have two drives in your box (I’m saying ‘only’ because in this forum, it’s not unusual to reach double digits…), I personally would try to find a combination of drives with different strenghts that are (ideally) complementary to each other, but that’s just me.

Can’t go wrong with any of the combinations you listed though, since all of them are good drives that can be recommended.


Well for now I only have room for two drives at one time… however once I get a bigger case, I do plan on getting practically all the drives I mentioned in my poll, and finding that ideal combination you speak of!

I was just hoping to get a head start in the right direction – to which you, packetloss, did a fantastic job of doing! As long as I don’t scan with the Pioneer, I think I’ll be just fine…

Thanks for all of your input dude! You’ve been a HUGE help!


You’re welcome, glad that I could help.


I don’t have an LG GSA-H22N, but I have a desktop pc with room for only two internal optical drives. The two drives I have chosen to mount internally instead of externally are exactly those two drives! :wink:


I have a BenQ DW1655 and a Liteon 20A1P in my box.

I have the 20A1P running through a SiliconeImage SATA > IDE converter as my board only has 1 IDE port and I dont like running 2 optical drives off the IDE channel as I know the BenQ locks the channel when it does its WOPC thing (but dont let that put you off) and this causes a buffer underrun on a 2nd optical drive on the same cable.

As for reasons I have these 2.

BenQ DW1655. Just look at the information that CD/DVD Speed can pull from this drive when it is used for scanning. Quite possible its information overload but its all usefull for advanced scanners to see the media and burn quality. Its also a very good burner and used to be my main one until a few days ago, its now doing test runs against the Liteon to see which drive copes with each media I own the best.

The 20x Liteon was mainly because my other PC’s drive started clunking and not reading any discs so I had to fit something. I had a PX-716A before and removed that to put in the other PC and had seen the reviews of Liteons new drives. Under half the price of a Plex and just as good so I got one and have not had any problems with quality. I get the same quality scans from my media at 20x as I do at 16x on the BenQ, not saying the BenQ is bad or anything. All stuff I want to keep for a long time I take care with burning and use a media and drives sweet spot (MCC004 @ 12x) to burn.


Thanks for the confirmation Drage! They do seem to look like a good combination, don’t they?

Could I possibly ask you about your personal experience with the SHM-165P6S? I read in a few places that this model (or was is just the SHM-165H6S) had problems with long (and possibly corrupt) lead-in times that would render a DVD-R unreadable on a stand-alone player. Have you ever run into this problem before by any chance?

Also, is the only difference between the 165P6S and the 165H6S – the lightscribe support for the latter mentioned? Because I have some store credit for a website that only sells the H, and not the P – but I certainly don’t want to walk into a trap by buying the wrong model!

Thanks for any responses that you (or others) may post! :flower:


The lead-in problems with the 6S Liteys were fixed with a firmware revision. My 165P6S is running just peachy. :slight_smile:

Edit: SHM-165H6S Review
SHM-165P6S Review

Take a look at both and compare. :slight_smile:


I was hoping to get a response like that! Thank you very much. :slight_smile: :bow:


Yep. Mine too. :iagree:

To the best of my knowledge, yes! The “P” seems to be getting firmware updates more frequently than the “H”, however, presumably because more drives of the “P” model have been sold.


You may have problems getting an original 1655 :sad:. But there are some ‘re-badged’ versions around.