I am a nerd and I love cdfreaks

This is the best sit for DVD burning stuff.

[B]Welkom[/B] patberry
iz also nerd
di ♥ [SIZE=3][COLOR=green]cdfreaks[/COLOR][/SIZE]

also loves vista :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome, patberry…good to have you onboard :slight_smile:

I’m an “OLD” nerd and like this place too! Nice to meet 'cha.

[B]Welkom [/B] sugarnutz :flower:
nice to meet you 2


If you were a REAL nerd, you’d be folding for team 13505 :wink:

[QUOTE=debro;2067694]If you were a REAL nerd, you’d be folding for team 13505 :wink:[/QUOTE]

I guess that means I’m a REAL nerd on hiatus, since I’m waiting til my next format til I fold again :bigsmile:

share to learn and learn to share :slight_smile:

Why? :expressionless:

[QUOTE=debro;2067705]Why? :|[/QUOTE]

Both need formatting as everything is a mess, I’d hate to be forced to format halfway through a huge WU. Also this one needs Vista installed on it. :wink:

Back on topic, and a belated welcome to sugarnutz - pleased to meet ya :slight_smile:

Lol! Run a few standard clients, or dump your FAH folders to a USB stick before wiping & copy -> continue :wink:
We need the points … hostile takeovers are imminent :eek::eek:

One of the following statements is incorrect & can be determined from the above. Choose the incorrect statement.
All nerds are folders.
All folders are nerds.
All CDFreaks are nutz.
You don’t have to be insane to live here, but it helps.
Underwear, head, the heavenly unity.